Thursday, December 03, 2009


And I swore to myself I would never omg anything:

John Georges 2010 from IOKON on Vimeo.

Lesson # 1 in campaign ads and viral video....never use a free video platform, i.e. Vimeo, YouTube, etc., instead of a private hosting solution. Why? Because you can't get rid of something once its posted on a free service and something tells me when he gets the feedback on this ad....he's really going to want it to disappear.

I'm actually starting to wonder if he wasn't hijacked here. I don't think I could have imagined anything worse than this. The dog, the khaki's, the iPhone......sweet niblets (got that from my daughter).

The intent of the ad was to express that he isn't warm and fuzzy? The only thing it relayed is that he's a .......nah....I'm sure the Yellow Blog will fill that in once he sees the spot.

The caterer needs to fire his kitchen staff, pdq.


Anonymous said...

er, what iphone...?

i noticed the TP also mentioned "I-Phone" in their bit on the ad. and i asked them the same -- what iphone? is every smartphone now an iphone?

if so, kewl for apple. if not - why is hammer covering the IT world?

also, whats wrong w/ the ad? just a cheesey political ad. could be worse: "What the F@#CK!!?"

Jason Brad Berry said...

You wouldn't have happened to have been involved in making that ad would you?

Regardless, you're right...after closer inspection it looks more like a Blackberry. Point being, the impression i got is that he's too busy and too important to make a commercial explaining to the people of this city why he is qualified to be mayor....he'd rather get on his crackberry. So he's not warm and fuzzy...he's just a dick? Is that what they were going for? Cause they got it. And I'm not calling him a dick, I'm saying that's what the ad did for him.

Dude, their are cheesy political ads fo' true...but this ad paints a Georges in rather unattractive light...and I'm being nice.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the take here.

He looks like he hates dogs and he did an ad about his having to fake it to be likeable, which he can't do anyway. So he looks like a putz and a jerk. Irony's tough to pull off if you don't have an ironic bone in your body.

Anonymous said...

So far the polical ads in this campaign are hilarious.

Immature foulmouthed Eagle Scout vs. dog hating jerk who is too rude to shut off his phone...

Wow. Go Saints.

The wannabe policial leadership is looking like a high school talent show, but the city's got a helluva football team.

Anonymous said...

orig anon here... yeah I made da ad - cuz anyone who disagrees with ya is The Man. yep, ya got me.

puleez. you dudes are really stretching it in your obvious disdain for George. as an indy which no particular alliance, I came away with a very diff take: the ad was meant to show he doesn't like ad campaigns trying to make him fake, warm & fuzzy.. that he *is* a determined/agressive guy when it comes to fighting for the city, and he doesn't think he should apologize for that. yet by doing this ad it at the same time shows he has some humor, even at his own expense.

I say that message was pretty obvious to any caring to look.

or you can just read your own slant into it. which you will.

"The TV Producer"