Friday, December 11, 2009


I'm getting undercurrents that Jacobs (Leslie) may be backing off the Mayor's race. Stay Tuned.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to lose her. She is really a great candidate but Mitch has more of a chance. She would probably fracture the reform-minded vote.

Now, if Shelley Midura would only change her mind and the Saints go 14-0, I would have all I want for Christmas!!

dsb said...

Good riddance. Your fascination with her is bewildering.


which jacobs ?

from we could be famous:

Jerry Jacobs is running for Mayor at the behest of Georges and former State Rep. Sherman Copelin to distract voters intending to vote for Leslie Jacobs. He qualified today. His name will be on the ballot.

thanks , rick.

Anonymous said...

>She would probably fracture the reform-minded vote.<


Maybe the reform minded vote may vote like you say.

But what reform is Landrieu for? What reform has he ever been for? Which has he ever really gotten out in front of and helped push to fruition or even towards it?

All Landrieu has ever said more or less is "I will be an ethical mayor so you don't need to worry about that."

Thanks, Mitch, they all say that.

Anonymous said...

After the last 16 years, not surrounding yourself with people who will steal everything that is not nailed down IS a reform policy.

As opposted to, say, Georges and his good buddy Sherman Copelin. I wonder how aware people are of Georges tight relationship with a man whose name is synonomous with New Orleans corruption.

If anyone has any doubts about what Georges plans to do with the Mayors' office, look no further than whom he trusts for advice.

Anonymous said...

On the Georges point:

Same Carvin group that's elected the same krewe election after election.

Georges was in business with ray Nagin AND Roy Rodney. How many people can say THAT?

I hope Jacobs stays in it to provide the campaign with just one, at least, voice for reform.

Absent Letten's indictment today (and his brother earlier I gueess too) does anyone think Landrieu would have been any more willing to fire Edwards from the SWB than Nagin?

Personally, I doubt it.

- Anon 2 / Sobieski.