Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Damn...what a catch

Turns out it was indeed a great day for fishin':

Feds subpoena Superdome Commission for documents

Feds subpoena Superdome Commission


Anonymous said...

Dambala, I search your blog more than any other. Everything you have is riveting and relevant to my city's well being. Thanks for it all.

I guess it is time I make another contribution (albeit small), huh?

Anonymous said...

Shoot, beat me to it:

>LSED attorney Larry Roedel says he does not know why the federal government is investigating, although it is possibly related to the scandal surrounding former Jefferson Parish CAO Tim Whitmer, who resigned yesterday.

Whitmer and former parish president Tim Coulon are business partners and their company, Lagniappe Industries, secretly made money from a West Jefferson Medical Center insurance contract.

As FOX 8 was first to report last month, Lagniappe also sold insurance to Sizeler, Thompson, Brown Architects.

Sizeler has had significant contracts in Jefferson Parish and has also done work for the LSED.

Documents obtained by FOX 8 show Coulon signed off on a Sizeler contract and also voted to approve Sizeler for work on the Superdome and Zephyr Stadium while he was chairman of the commission. Coulon was also chairman when Sizeler bought insurance from Lagniappe.

Coulon resigned from the commission last month as the Whitmer scandal was unraveling.<


The text is too much; but if you search "Sizeler" with Broussard's name in the LA Ethics/Campaign Finance site you get about ~25 contributions and a cocktail reception expenditure amounting to somewhere around $25,000 over several years.

Anonymous said...

This is good too:

Look at this:


Then this and the timing:


And then the timing of the contribution from Redman:

>Aaron Broussard 30P CONTRIB 07/19/2007 2500.00 Redman Gaming of Louisiana LLC 2424 Marietta Street Kenner LA 70062<

"At one point, Broussard spent more than 50 times as much cash as Leone, $346,640 to Leone's $6,827, as of July."

Broussard LOST the East Bank apx. 55/45; we won the WEST Bank apx. 70/30.

Sounds a little like the Edwards/Nagin thing, but maybe not. Either way Broussard was plenty desperate.

And then we have the all-time best forgotten news story in Greater New Orleans (or maybe anywhere), the Susan Bernecker story:



Nahh, too much, too wild, right????

Jason Brad Berry said...

No...not too wild at all. As a matter of fact you just connected a lot of pieces of this puzzle for me.

Jesus...I think I'm beginning to see the whole puzzle for the first time.

Anonymous said...

Help us unforget the susan bernecker story, would ya?

Thanks for the great posts.

Anonymous said...

Fox 8 Live is really ramping up its game.

Tonight it had about 5 good reports on JP & Orleans.

On Broussard, it reported that Broussard has a home in Nova Scotia that he is renting out to friends and maybe contractors. When again called for comment, Broussard hung up according to Fox 8.

Great video, but its not online yet.

Anonymous said...

Ok, here it is, No-VAH Sco-SHAH!!!


Anonymous said...

Those links appear to be broken.

What stories were they leading us to?

mominem said...

Sizeler contributions may not be what you think. The Seizler family through various entities has had extensive business and real estate investments all overd the place.

Anonymous said...

Sizeler and Chehardy....anyone ever do a research project to show how Chehardy assesses Sizeler properties and local political officials properties. I think everyone here would see parallels with the other crook Claude Mauberry.