Thursday, January 07, 2010

You bet your sweet ass it does


Anonymous said...

No do you understand why Georges want to replace Jim Letten?!!!???!!!??!! His stance at the OPDEC was not a coincidence at all. He is worried that he is about to go down in a public corruption scandal himself. Its going to get really ugly now and expect so see a faux racial card played to get rid of Letten by some white power brokers who are policially corrupted.

Robeson said...

Let me get this straight--Broussard resigns at 6:00PM on Friday and Tom Capella and others (minus John Young) appoint someone to fill Broussards position at 10:15AM on Monday?

So Capella, Roberts, etc now put the fox (Steve Theriot) to guard the records and to investigate?

How much longer until Tom Capella and Jack Capella go down? Can we get a ticking clock for those two?