Thursday, January 07, 2010

Good god...

Look...I don't know if this is makin' money for these guys (and christ I hope it is).....but I was trying to navigate this website and I feel like I just got off the Tilt O' Whirl at the county fair.

There's Times Square....and then there's Pigeon Forge.

My point is, I think Fox 8 should reconsider their homepage, unless of course this is really workin' for them. And by workin' I mean turnin' bills.

I just feel like I've been raped by word for Urban Dictionary!

Pixelpoked? Help me out guys.


Bigezbear said...

Raster Raped?

Anonymous said...

Xavier said...

rapixed or pixeltrusion but what do i know. i just found out what pwned means. my veriword for the day unglater --the dark underbelly of later life--their callous laughter told her they had seen her unglater

Jason Brad Berry said...

raster raped....hmmm.

how bout pixelporked?


Photon Faux Pas.

M Styborski said...

Sheesh! You didn't actually expect to find NEWS on Fox's website, did you? If you add it up, there are more promo ads for Fox 8 than paid ads from other sources. Guess it's not making as much as they hoped!

Anonymous said...

back in the day we referred to a site like that as an "angry fruit salad"

Anonymous said...

The Dambala post on this was so good, I just couldn't respond.

Ch. 8 does not direct-link their videos, which is nuts for so much apparent trouble and expense.

But you can figure it out:

Go to:

That's the videos section.

Then click on "Aaron Broussard interviewed by Val Bracy" for a priceless piece of local news interviewing. Rare, rare, rare in this town.

Val Brady might be a name to remember, and isn't this station getting lee Zurich?

Ch. 115 has rebroadcasts and they sure seem to be trying to get some viewers with some good reporting.