Thursday, January 28, 2010

Holy schnizzel

Am I looking at that map correctly? Are we on board to get a high speed rail connection? Is it wrong to catch a woody over this?

Inside Obama's Plan to Spend 8 Billion Dollars on High Speed Rail


Anonymous said...

As Keanu says: Whoa.

Anonymous said...

Federal Railroad Admistration

Why Louisiana Should Not Build a Highspeed Rail

Old news is Old

Jason Brad Berry said...

Yeah that makes perfect sense....let's not be a part of that. Fuck all those jobs and having the opportunity to have fast access to Houston and Atlanta. Yeah...let's just say fuck the future.

By the way is everyone in the Libertarian movement Irish?
O'Keefe and Flannagan just got busted, O'Toole wrote that inane diatribe....I'm just curious because I'm of Irish heritage as well. I just wanna know if there was some meeting at Parasol's and I missed it.

Anonymous said...

It's not wrong.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was already turned down by Jindal

Jason Brad Berry said...

No jindal refused tarp money offered to the state to build a light rail between Baton Rouge and N.O. This a federal initiative across multiple states. If Jindal tries to block this I will devote my entire life and existence to attacking him..and he doesn't want that, believe me.

Anonymous said...

Would this project be purely Federal or does it involve the RTA?

mominem said...

The gaps are interesting.

Jason Brad Berry said...

The gaps are strategic.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA... Listened to TH on Ringside Live today. He made it through an interview without bashing you

Anonymous said...

The DA endored Georges, and it seems lots of folks are upset about that.

Why does Georges have a convicted political-corruption felon (Shultz) on his payroll, and why is Leon C. cool with that, in fact all buddy-buddy with the guy?

You've praised this DA, Zombie, and I was with you on the subject, wanting to give him a chance about his daughter and the cop incident, but this endorsement stinks.

He could have sat back and not endored anyone. given that he'll have to work with the next Mayor, that might have been smart.

Is Georges giving him money for his re-election campaign?

I'd have thought he would be re-elected anyway, without the help of the Letten-dissing, dog hating, video poker millionare who is always bragging loudly about the charity work he does "in secret".

Do you know more about it? Would you care to opine on the subject?

Cousin Pat said...

Another. Reason. I. Voted. Obama.

I have family & friends in Birmingham and Atlanta/Athens, so I support this on fairly selfish reasons.

But I cannot help thinking I'm not the only one.

(No lie, my word verification for this comment is "canit")

GentillyGirl said...

This could be interesting. I use Amtrak since I hate flying. The thing about high-speed rail is that one needs a stable substrate to build the thing on.

Nothing down here is solid.

Mick said...

@ anonymous; Schultz, yeah, and adding in Sherm Copelin to Georges' side makes it all the more disgusting and unpalatable.

Of course, I resent (and work against) anyone who thinks they can buy an election, so this includes Henry (besides all the other damning evidence against him!) and Landrieu, too.

I like Couhig's take no prisoners approach but he's out, if for no other reason than not taking the opportunity on his radio show to call out Nagin when he shoulda.

Ramsey I like, as well, but her being kin of Sherm Copelin and her lack of a fire in the belly scratches her.

That leaves Perry, who I've liked from the beginning, anyway...

Anonymous said...

If you add it up, we won't even get a taste of this under this allotment. The map seems to be a bit simplified.

Why are you so interested in "high speed" rail to Atlanta and Houston? It won't be any faster or cheaper than flying.

Are you afraid to fly?

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

I am such a railhead, and like Gentilly Girl hate I mean hate to fly, sooo Amtrak has kept me connected to Nola since the flood.
If it could be said that I had 1 reason for voting for Obama it is this: National Rail Transportation. High Speed would be great, but just to have our own dedicated National Network would do so much to open us back up to each other again, like the interstates did for the beats.
Think of the jobs this would take.
Yes! Woody on Zombie!
Did I say that?

Anonymous said...

All that glitters is not gold.

Here is an article about how there may not be enough money to finish the high speed rail projects (even with all the pork the transportation committee members are throwing at the project and the $8.5B in ARRA funds)

Anonymous said...

Can someone explain to me why we, the cities or the state, just don't invite in some rail company or coop of companies, or some Euro or Asian rail company (even a national one), let them have the right of way and give them enough of a franchise and 100% of the profits (minus our pure overhead) for as long as it takes so they just get it done?

Is there no money in it? I would think there would be but if not why the heck do we want to do it (besides the uber-coolness of it which I see myself, and I also have enjoyed the high speed trains in France and the northeast Amtrak version, it's truly useful besides just being fun and cool).