Sunday, January 17, 2010

Poor John

All the money in the world, the secret hit campaigns, the subterfuge....and he still can't hide the truth.

It's a new day, man.

He can whine about it as much as he wants, but he's only going to expose his paranoia even further:

John Georges v. The Dangerous People of the Internet

I love Perry's comment....if you say the same thing to people over and over, you don't have to worry about being exposed. If you change your story for the audience you're speaking to, then you're fucked.

Say what you mean and mean what you say, the people will decide.

So what he's saying here is that anyone who has a mobile phone with video capability is dangerous....I guess his new platform is anti-iPhone. He should probably go back and edit the mobile phone out of the dog commercial.

I love Rob Couhig's body language through this clip. Georges included Rob's name along with Troy Henry and his own as being victims of an internet conspiracy. Rob looked like he was trying to distance himself from that number but Garland didn't recognize him.

And the conspiracy theory count is now up to Deux.

1. The honky cabal conspiracy.

2. The internet and iPhone conspiracy.

I gotta tell you, I'm bumfuzzled as to what the next one could be? Here are some thoughts:

- The Saints are conspiring to win the superbowl and that's why I lost the election.

- The earthquake in Haiti is diverting attention away from my campaign.

- There's a voodoo cult that is putting a hex on me.

These guys need to write for Glen Beck, or better yet, Pat Robertson.


mominem said...

His response to the Real Media at Real TV on the recording of his rant at the OPDEC was to simply repeat "Its a Blog" as if that meant something. He refused to either confirm or deny that the recording was accurate.

I can understand why he is concerned.

Unknown said...

I remember when Gov Foster called CB Forgotston and the Deduct Box "internet kooks" and CB had a field day with the phrase. Georges just gave the NOLA blog world a new label with which to poke fun at politicians who exhibit inconsistency and utter questionable statements.

I was in the audience and had a good chuckle. Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy it since it was a moment that was as sad as it was amusing.

What we've learned from business leaders as politicians is that diplomacy and its protocols are not their strong suit.

Every business person who aspires to executive leadership in politics ought to be required to take a few courses in diplomacy and the protocols of the office to which they aspire. Then, perhaps, we might all be less embarrassed by their statements. And it might bring us closer to the appropriate level of dignity we desperately need our leaders to exhibit.

Anonymous said...

Two ironies of all this:

1) The "new approach to gov't" business guys, Henry and Georges, are the ones that can't take the media heat, whether blogs or TP. What makes them think the scrutiny would be any less so once in office. Nagin redux in both cases, being empty suits who aren't thick-skinned enough for the job.

2) The fact that the guy who very likely has p.i.'s 24/7 on most of the other candidates at the table is the one complaining about a video camera at a public event is curious. I was hoping one of the other candidates would say something like, "Well, John. How do you think Ed Murray felt when you were taping him at a restaurant?" Georges obviously cannot take it. Can you imagine if, every time people saw Georges out and about, they'd get out their phones and hold them up like he's being taped. The guy would go apoplectic. Sounds like an idea?

Jason Brad Berry said...

camera phones on Georges and mirrors on Henry. I love it.

Anonymous said...

I love the work everyone is doing to reveal Henry and Georges for what they are.

How does this joker (Georges) expect to revitalize the economy of New Orelans if he does not understand the new, nodal and networked model that most of us are part of?

Those water, power, and media monopoly loving guys are so...soviet.

Anonymous said...

The word verification I got for the post I just posted was "incloake" in, where a spy keeps his dagger.

Xavier said...

who dat saying dey gonna film me now; who dat
can see the dude spinning in a circle trying to locate the source

maybe a little honest paranoia since he did the same to Murray. be careful what you sow, cause you will reap.

if henry sees enough mirrors, he might wind up chasing himself

like what perry said about consistency. the wicked run when no one is chasing but the righteous are as bold as a lion

courage comes from commitment to a honorable goal and u don't have to worry who is against you because your cause is just. Don Quixote

my veriword today: ingeste as in If I have to ingeste any more Henry/Georges foolishness, I may have to install a mirror app on my iphone

Anonymous said...

I was in attendance at the OPDEC meeting when Mr. Georges made his comments. He was NOT joking about Letten. He was going after Landrieu like there was no tomorrow. So much so that Landrieu actually moved to the end of the candidates away from Georges. The audio really doesn't do it justice.

I don't know why he did it, and there could be several reasons for his actions. It could have been a candidate who forgot to take his blood pressure medication, someone so focused on defeating Landrieu that he would make an ass of himself, or someone willing to change his message to a group that he has little knowledge of.

Whatever the reason, I wouldn't want that person to be our Mayor. We have already had an ass for 8 years.

Georges rant and Henry's support troubles me. How can a mayoral candidate think he can speak at an event without being recorded???

Anonymous said...

Oh, oh. Can you just see it, at the forums, if in unison a number of people hold up cameras/video recorders when Georges speaks and then mirrors when Henry speaks. (The last mayoral forums are listed at the end of this, by the way.) The only thing I can imagine any better is a James Perry commercial playing Lady GaGa's "Paparazzi" while showing Georges' vid clips and then "Poker Face" (as in the only card he has is the race card) while showing Henry's vid clips. Yes, I realize "Poker Face" has a "alternate meaning", but no one has recorded "Pyramid Scheme Face" yet.

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"Mac" MacKenzie said...

I've been for Perry for a while now, so nothing's more gratifying than to see these two egomaniacs implode. Troy Henry looked pale and very, very nervous Saturday morning (Georges wasn't looking so good, himself. Someone get that guy a Xanax and a tube of Chapstick).

Too bad Mitch never says anything of substance to bust him on...