Sunday, February 21, 2010

I do hereby admit...

...that Oyster has bigger balls than I do.

Just say no to drug kingpins

I was tipped to that info. last night and I thought twice before posting I pussed out. Here is one of the comments:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Blanque Check":

AZ, a Batt-buddy related question: See the story about the "New Orleans drug kingpin" today? Paul Cattoche a former (until very recently?) Maximo's chef is the guy. Now, I think we know who owns Maximo's, right? If Vinny Mosca ends up being Cattoche's attorney, the elephant in the room just gets too big and obvious to deny.

At this point I could go off on a speculative 5000 word post trying to connect the dots running through my head with things like....oh....I don't know....flooded cars, companies who got contracts to remove flooded cars after Katrina, Dennis Churchwell, French Quarter bookies, dummy pages for "online casinos", strippers, mayoral photogs, video poker enterprises, The French Market Corporation, companies who got contracts from the French Market Corp., judges, former City Council members, Mexican casinos, Mexican drug lords who murdered...never mind that one....what else can we throw in our conspiracy gumbo? What the hell let's throw in the grassy knoll for shits and giggles.

....but I won't subject you to my madness. I mean this is too much madness than what I normally subject you to....oh hell, you know what I mean.

Kudos Oyster.


oyster said...

Heh, thanks. I prefer charitable donations in lieu of flowers.

But seriously, in light of some recent posts and news stories, I thought I should make use of the tip. Now, this article says Cattoche resigned as executive chef only "a few months" after Maximo's re-opened two years ago due to "health issues".

I guess he suddenly got better and became a ringleader of a huge multi-state drug trafficking operation.

Jason Brad Berry said...

funny how that works....I'm gonna resign from blogging and see if I can become the head of a human trafficking ring. Oh wait...I have to work my way up in Halliburton or Xe for that job, don't I?

Two best industries to hide illicit activities: Restaurants/Bars, Coin operated vending machines/gambling machines.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering when that elephant was going to be noticed.

I hope that the dots get connected, but please stay safe all of you doing the connecting.

Zombie, the speculative portion of your post runs to places that my mind has been going, too.

Anonymous said...

jeffrey said...

Oh wow those are some fun threads to pull on. I sure hope somebody has the time (or balls) to follow those ideas at some point. May be a better book than the Jeffersons... or maybe it's the same book.

But I like Oyster's angle the most because it seems to point in Vitter's and even Letten's direction eventually.

Anyway, yeah, keep the madness coming. It's what gets me through the day.

Anonymous said...

New Orleans needs to put in an application for Google Broadband....

Do a piece on That!!^

Even though Cox cable would hate it this is good for Democracy and Business in New Orleans as well as the whole country. It is also a catalyst for sweeping Change like the kind we have seen in the 90's tech revolution...

Lets lead the way.

Anonymous said...

Its not that Oyster has bigger balls. They don't know who Oyster is. They DO know who 'American Zombie'(Dambala)is.

Anonymous said...

Not on topic, but I just got an e-mail reminding me that there is a City Planning comission meeting tomorrow night.

The Nagin administration wants to close some streets related to the proposed hospital.

If this issue interests you, check out the "Save Charity" site for more information, and if you can go to the meeting, go.

Anonymous said...

AZ, how 'bout throwing something else into your mix...the late Al Copeland/Popeye's Chicken/Al Copeland Investments have an interesting "symbiosis" with the same folks. There does seem to be a pervasive thread running through many many things.

Anonymous said...

>AZ, how 'bout throwing something else into your mix...the late Al Copeland/Popeye's Chicken/Al Copeland Investments have an interesting "symbiosis" with the same folks. There does seem to be a pervasive thread running through many many things.<

No, no, no, why stop there.

Marcello > Broussard, Mamoulides, etc.

Matranga, Macheca, Marcello, guys it's been around forever.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever noticed that JP has had like 5 sheriffs in the past century?

Broussard had a land deal post-K with Marcello reported in the TP.

Old Marcello went back with Frank Clancy.

There were casinos on the Parish Line near Oak meets Monticello and River Road.

Just follow the line of succession. On both sides.

Anonymous said...

Links for your perusal:

Minacore to Geocor:

And who is Geocor?

Huey's involvement:

Some light reading:

Anonymous said...

Sorry for drifting off-topic.

Public notice about the street closures for the hospital project ran on Friday before Mardi Gras and public comments were closed on Ash Wednesday. Kinda short, don't ya think?

Who's acquired land between Claiborne, Broad, Perdido and Canal (all within GNOBEDD and in or around the hospital footprint) within the last five years? It looks like NORA and many different LLCs. Are looks deceiving?

Anonymous said...

Yup, they are.

Another thing that may not be quite as straightforward as it sounds is someone's ability to accurately count public meetings.

James P. McNamara has recently claimed that as many as sixteen public meetings have been held regarding the VA/LSU hospital projects.

If this number is accurate, what were the dates, times and locations of all sixteen meetings? Who was in attendance at each meeting and where may one obtain transcripts and, if applicable, tape or video recordings of the procedings, including all public comments? Where is evidence of adequate and timely public notification for every meeting, fully revealing when, where, for how long and in which format each notice was disseminated to the general publc?