Thursday, February 04, 2010

Sieg Heil Jaeger-Master

An astute reader decided to go back through Georges' campaign contributions and found a gem:

Aryan Land Enterprises, LLC - $2000

That may beat SunBlock, Lagniappe, and every other LLC name combined.

So I did the SOS search for the proud white men who own this company and low and behold who did I find:

Joe Jaeger...of the Jaeger Foundation.

You remember our old buddy the Jaeger Foundation that was lucky enough to get all those properties in Algiers donated to them:

By Request...

Oh and while we're pointing out interesting Georges' campaign contributions....take note of this:

Winvestco, a firm owned by former Nagin adviser and business partner David White, each also gave Georges $1,000.

Remember the name of this David White company, Winvestco....I think you're going to be hearing a lot more about it in the near future....hint


oyster said...

"You remember our old buddy the Jaeger Foundation that was lucky enough to get all those properties in Algiers donated to them"

Sometimes, in the course of history, you have to claim some lebensraum.

Seriously, who names their llc "aryan... something", and what nimrod at Georges' campaign takes the check thinking "Yeah this looks fine and could never come back to haunt us"?

Jason Brad Berry said...


man...I need to consult with you before I label posts. I had to look that one up...damn that's good.

As for it coming back to haunt him, it won't because he has successfully bought every media outlet in the city. I just found that out the hard way.

I think TP will now stand for Timid Pussies or maybe Thoroughly Paid.

The previous post on the Deke's has pulled down over 13k views and not a peep from any MSM outlet in the city.

Anonymous said...

Given alll this horrible stuff surfacing about Georges, I think Energizer should ZEALOUSLY defend their trademark Energizer Bunny against the way John Georges used it in his mailer against Mitch.

See for that one.

Anonymous said...

Energizer won't do anything. Small potatoes for them. What makes you think they even know about his mailer???

Anonymous said...

I know for a FACT that they know about the mailer -- called them myself the day it came out.

Anonymous said...

John Georges:

The Nagin Candidate.

You win the prize, Dambala.


>I think TP will now stand for Timid Pussies or maybe Thoroughly Paid.<

See the Jeff Parish scandals and what does not get reported by the TP, now or in the past. And who know what else they smother.

Anonymous said...

More info on Joe Jaeger, he's also a member of the Metairie Country Club and a parter of Blaine Kern's:

Anonymous said...

Also, the Jaegers are contributors four times over via LLCs to the Jindal campaign: (see Aug 21, 2007)

And, apparently Jindal rewarded him by making him a member of the Hurricane Recovery Advisory team:

Who wants to bet Jaeger "advised" Jindal to use his construction firm?

Finally, a coincidence, no doubt, but good for a cheap laugh:

Anonymous said...

FYI -- Aryan is the "A" in Joseph A. Jaeger. In this case you are finding bogeyman where none exists.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Zombie.

I'm too happy and hungover to work today, so I zoomed over to the SOS site to check out the name "Jaeger".

I plugged that into the spot for the last name of the member or agent, and all SORTS of things came up.

One that interested me was "First Responders Fund", charter number 36489084N

The agent is listed as "Crescent City Corporate Services" with an address that seems REALLY familier, 701 Poydras St., Suite 3600. When I'm more sober I'll go back and check that address.

But the interesting part (to me at least) was that the "First Responders Fund" had three directors listed:

Joseph Jaeger
Stewart Juneau
Irving Mayfield

Have we seen such a direct connection between these people yet?

All of these directors were listed at the 233 Newton Address that is also:

Blaine Kern's Mardi Gras World
Mardi Gras World Services
the Kern's Sculpture LLC

and something called

"Euphrosine Properties LLC"

... which might be a neat thing to look up in the Notarial Archives. Maybe Sparky could get another interesting map out of it.

Is this new information for this blog, or am I just drunk and slow? It would be cool if it was helpful.

Anonymous said...

noticed that the jager companies in the "cluster bucks" article and aryan land enterprises all share the same domicile of three thousand and one seventeenth street in metry. it might behoove a good researcher to find other entities at that location and identify their campaign contributions. i personally don't have the time for all that crap.