Thursday, February 04, 2010

Thank You Mr. Couhig

For having the balls to broach the subject no MSM entity in our city would touch.

Kudos to you.

Now we officially have Mr. Georges' response....denial.

Georges' response was "that's not true". So what isn't true? Exactly what is not true, John?

UPDATE: Another BIG thank you to Clancy DuBos...proving that some members of the MSM do have balls as well.


Unknown said...

wow, i just saw the Georges DEKE stuff. i did some stupid stuff at my fraternity at LSU but this stuff is pretty crazy. if by some miracle he makes it to the runoff, he is toast after this gets on tv. he's an idiot in real life right now...i don't care that much about his frat life 30 yrs ago, but this does not look good at all. it's funny that Bryan Batt is there...just proves how much people change over time or accept idiots around them just to fit in when they are young.

phillerdiller said...

What did Couhig say? I missed it.

One would think if this was just a folly of youth and Georges has radically changed his ways, that he would no longer associate with that thinking and those that thought it. However, Georges stills surrounds himself with Dekes. Bill Keaney for example, fellow Deke, political advisor (he is listed on one of the rosters, as William). Ha, maybe he is the one that told Georges this wouldn't come back to bite him in the a$$. And Georges campaign roster is has many Dekes listed.

I am just surprised this is news to people. I remember those Debutramp "parades", they went right down Henry Clay/

phillerdiller said...

as to whats "not true", it can only be that Georges may have never donned an afro and black paint, or it was just never documented. There are waaaaay too many Dekes' relatives and friends and neighbors on Henry Clay - ask them, they just hated the Dekes - that remember this stuff and when it happened (you're not going to get confirmation from a Deke, no way)

Anonymous said...

I appreciate Rob Couhig for this.

I'm going to have to go and read the post just under this one three or four times.

The Jaeger Foundation? As in those jerks again?

All the digging about Notorial Archives, and that map that Sparky put together?

The people who threatened to sue you?

It came full circle back to that story and those people?

Holy shit.

Let me go read it again.

This is the best blog ever.

Leigh C. said...

Couhig made a reference to Georges in blackface tonight. Don't know if Georges will go further than "that's not true" unless the MSM calls him on it big time. There's 46 hrs & 45 minutes 'til it's all ovah, so anything can happen.

Anonymous said...

TP/ finally mentions it:

Anonymous said...

Clancy gave you props tonight on the air. Way to dig it out AZ.

Anonymous said...

Score big for Couhig tonight. He went there and got there. He hands down won the debate, and took the most chances. He's got some courage. Not sure why Henry, Ramsey and Perry passed on that. They would have scored some major points.

The important part. Georges is done.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Even aside from hitting Georges with the story....Couhig did kick ass.

I thought that was a great 11th hour performance. He did what he needed to do.

Adrastos said...

Clancy is da man.

whatever said...

Maybe the only thing "not true" is the one blackface picture you singled out to insinuate it may have been Georges.

Wasn't Georges a sophmore that year?

Didn't a DKE confirm that only the pledges wore blackface?

You'd probably have to check the blackface flambeaux in the previous yearbook to find Georges.

Jason Brad Berry said... that venom?

- Wasn't Georges a sophmore that year?

I don't know.

- Didn't a DKE confirm that only the pledges wore blackface?

where, in the comment section of the post? Where did a DKE confirm that only pledges wore blackface?

- You'd probably have to check the blackface flambeaux in the previous yearbook to find Georges.

1979? Cause I did check 1979 and as I recall there wasn't even an entry for the Dekes in the Yearbook for that year. I thought it was odd that I couldn't find any mention of them in 79 but I assumed it was because they had been suspended.

Have you seen the 1979 yearbook?

U-gus said...

here it is, almost at the end of the clip - look at the wide shot as Couhig starts and Georges looks like he's going to kill someone....

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Zombie, it was in that post from the Deke, the one you thanked.

He said that only pledges wore blackface, as if that made it better some how.

Unknown said...

Ok, I wasn't going to leave a post but my veriword was too encyting.

Thanks, AZ, for your encyt into Georges. I hope it encyts people to action.

(It is so much fun to play veriword on your "cyt")

You can't have much respect for a man that the black community considers a "marker" until they regroup. Those words tell me that he has obligations to a power structure other than the citizens of NOLA.

As usual, good work, AZ.

Clay said...

Barely got a mention in the Times-Pic, despite being the biggest news of the night.

Clay said...

Here's DuBos giving you props. It's 1:30 seconds from the end (the WWL timer is only countdown, not count up).

Anonymous said...

I had been deciding between Perry, Couhig, and Landrieu, and based on this, maybe I will go Couhig today.