Thursday, March 04, 2010

Spring Cleaning

My apologies to Edtilla for not previously linking the New Orleans Ladder from AZ. I'm not the most efficient blog manager. I need to clean up my blog. If anyone wants to be linked, please let me know.

Also please note my first sponsor >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Click on the image to go to the Forest Retreat website. It's under two hours from Nawlin's and it's great for romantic getaways, Lent inspired reflection time, and my favorite.....South American hallucinogenic, pscyhonautic, tribal rituals complete with drums, campfire and little green elves.

Just make sure you have an experienced shaman/psychonaut on hand to keep your ass on the earth while your head is in the aether. Oh....and don't believe everything those little green bastards tell you, they may take you inside the giant chrysanthemum but don't believe them when they ask you if you want to talk to's a trick question.

UPDATE: HAH! 2:45 A.M and after putting a total of about 14 hours into it....I figured out the proper AS3 script in Flash to embed the URL in the ad. Wocka....wocka...wocka! In case you're wondering what the script is...which I know you're it is:

this.Logo.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, buttonClickHandler);
function buttonClickHandler (event:MouseEvent):void {
navigateToURL(new URLRequest(""));
} it possible to make Flash more difficult? I kept waiting for the HAL 9000 voice to take over my computer, "I'm sorry, but I can't let you do that, Dave."


Anonymous said...

just a heads up, says to click the image, but nothing happens when you click. could be no link in the flash file?

Jason Brad Berry said...

Yes that's entirely possible since I made it myself....I spent all night teaching myself flash to make it.


back to drawing board.

Anonymous said...

The place looks awesome and I'd never heard of it before seeing this ad.

It is great that they take pets.

jeffrey said...

Managing blog links is funny stuff. When I first started blogging, nobody had an rss feed or reader or anything and the only way to keep all of your links in one place was on the sidebar of the blog.

It was also just plain old good etiquette to link back to people you were reading or who linked back to you. I've noticed that that's sort of changed a bit as the process of reading has become more automated and as the number of blogs out there has exceeded what looks reasonable on the sidebar.

I've got a ka-billion feeds in my reader that don't appear in the sidebar plus a bunch of stuff on the blog that isn't even valid anymore. It's a freakin' mess. But it's too much to deal with at one time so I've just been picking through it bit by bit.

The funniest thing in all of that is I never got around to linking to Squandered Heritage at all. And now that it's kind of gone dormant since The Lens became a big thing, there might never really be a point.

Jason Brad Berry said...

- When I first started blogging, nobody had an rss feed or reader or anything and the only way to keep all of your links in one place was on the sidebar of the blog.

Thanks you just made me feel like a total loser cause I'm still not using an rss feed and I'm only using the sidebar. I need help.

Xavier said...

Happy Happy Joy Joy Ashe has his first ad!!

The rest of us should remember to send him a ltl cash luv on a regular basis.

The man works hard for the ....?? fill in the da blank or better yet fill in da check!!

Karen said...


i figured you just hated me.

jeffrey said...

Really, though. Who don't I hate when you really think about it?

Anonymous said...

dambala - i have to confess, i read way too many blogs each day. you are the first blogger to say, "If anyone wants to be linked, please let me know."

you certainly are a different type of new orleans blogger.


Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Well thank you, Ashe. I didn't expect to get the Gold Card here, just a link! Dayum you have a LOT of readers.
But hey, I emailed those folks in The Forest this morning, and thanked them for supporting nola bloggers and aw'dat. An'dat before I checked my stat counter. Ain't nothing but Zombies on there right now.
But I toll'em I'd drop by as the rates are killa really when you thing about it. I bet they'd cut a deal for a family of like glass blowers or some'ting.
Or you could threaten them with Lucky Beads.

I like the Flash Thingy, and fortunately (at least with Firefox) it goes right to it in a search. However, with Blogger, you might just type their whateva if it doesn't make the picture smaller. If however you wanna, you know you can link a single pic easy enough. But Flashing is always fun don't'cha know. I didn't say that.

But that Forest sounds like it would make a wonderful place for a blogger thingy, if they're wire and all --which might defeat the purpose of ya'know THE FOREST! HA!

I started blogging Nov 11th 2007, after the RT2 Buffa's Partay.
I was the only one there wit'a computer btw.
Missed the conference getting lost in City Park along the way but that was what was needed then. Got to a coffee shop and followed it from there. Then, well, the rest is a history of pissing everyone off and learning about the blog'0'reamery with one foot in my mouf, one foot in the grave.

But I digress. I learned a new word on Lundi Gras: Infarction. So I missed Mardi Gras all together. But now we feel like we've won the lottery. Probably the drugs. But it's really just The Ticket, and maybe not my stop right now.

Thanks again, and I shit you not. The Word Thingy Formentor (WTFr) for this comment? I ain't makin'dis up either:
Getouttaheah, you say.
True, I say!
Swete... do we even want to go there.
We just wanna be somewhere.