Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bloggers are betcha!

I was with her right up until 2:40 when she couldn't figure out how to identify which bloggers to bomb.


I've got an idea, Kathleen, let's just bomb them all! Maybe we can get Raytheon to develop a smart bomb to distinguish which bloggers to take out. Until then, let's just pull the nuclear option and wipe 'em all out.

When and where is the next blogger's convention? Remind me not to go.

It's funny she quoted George Will saying "Because we're conservative doesn't mean we have to take a leap into the darkness." She then performed a glorious double flip cannonball right into the deep end.

Watching this interview is like watching two horse and carriage drivers lament the difficulties of traversing a 6 lane freeway.

Here's a thought for them from the dark historic recesses of conservative dogma....adapt or die.

Or wait....maybe she's't be.....government regulation of free speech on the internet? That would be 1. expanding the power of government and 2. an attack on the Constitution. That's not much of a conservative platform, now is it?


bayoustjohndavid said...

"Parker’s work isn’t defined by late-90s moral squalor. Her work is merely mediocre, the hallmark of the mainstream press in the post-Clinton/Gore, post-Bush/Cheney era. Here’s why we call Parker’s work mediocre: Can you think of a single thing you know or understand because Parker has had a column for two decades? Because she has appeared on so many weekend talk programs? There’s nothing wrong with mediocrity, and Parker is generally witty and pleasant. But her prize defines the press corps’ current play-it-pleasant culture: It’s stunning to think that such an ordinary performer has been given this cult’s top prize." (emphasis added)

Daily Howler

Jason Brad Berry said...

well...shit...I wish i would have summed it up like that.

jeffrey said...

Eventually,internet communication is going to be a more tightly restricted pay-to-play experience. It's what the telecoms want. It's what the mainstream press seems to want. And frankly it looks to be what most consumers want as more of the new gadgets seem to be built around that concept.

You can scream and howl all you want about free speech and democracy but, in the real world, nobody gives a shit about that stuff.

Jason Brad Berry said...

well until that day comes...the screams and howls will continue.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

bsjd, I'm wit'you except I see Everything Wrong with Mediocrity when considered in the light of the successful evolution of the species as a race between Habit and Novelty.
There is Everything Wrong with Mediocrity, as I consider Cancer within the Economics of Scale.
Mediocrity Kills.
Your comment is Right On for me.

Jefferey, I started a new blog post titled "Hack of Town, Blogging Creme'".
But, can't we network around the Master Control Program to build our private open places free? I don't know what I'm axing here... like, won't there still be wagon-rut pools where the people congregate free of charge?
The non-free speech will follow the money, but all the rest we will pass over in silence? Yikes.
Bad Wittgenstien! No Donut!