Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's ok to abuse women, just don't hurt dogs

Ben Roethlisberger SUSPENSION: Suspended SIX Games

Here's a hypothetical question for you. If Ben Roethlisberger was caught in a dog fighting ring, would he have received the same treatment Michael Vick did?

Better yet, if Michael Vick locked himself in a bathroom with a girl in Georgia and had his bodyguards bar the door, and the woman then claimed sexual assault, would he have received the same treatment Roethlisberger did?

Just curious.


Anonymous said...

Dambala, Vick was involevd in gambling. Interstate gambling.

Yes, that's worse than murder to the NFL.

Jason Brad Berry said...

That is a great point. Ask Pete Rose. doesn't negate the fact that BR could have fucked a dog and the NFL would still be looking to spin the story. That didn't happen with Vick....I'm just saying.

bruthaman1 said...

if vick would have been accused of raping a 20 year white woman the D.A. would have had to have charged him. black man/white woman might be the biggest taboo in the history of our country. especially in small southern towns. the political pressure on the D.A would have been enourmous if big ben were black. look at the kobe bryant case from 2004. that was in super rich eagle, coloroado and it was alluded to that the "victim" was pretty generous with the kitty kat if ypu know what i mean. bryant was charged and almost went to trial.

Unknown said...

I must have missed Ben's guilty plea.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I am just thick, but I am struggling to understand what your complaint is here.

It is true that the NFL treated Vick and BR differently: Vick was convicted of a felony and when he got out of prison he got a TWO game suspension. BR wasn't even charged and he's getting FOUR. I agree that the treatment is not equal here, but I am struggling to see how you perceive this as favoritism to BR.

I'm not condoning what BR did or suggesting that his penalty is too stiff - just saying that I am struggling to find evidence of racism in this particular NFL action since the white guy got the bigger penalty.

If your beef is with the DA not charging BR, you have something of a point but the victim specifically asked the DA not to pursue the matter. I'm no lawyer but I would have to think it's very difficult to get a rape conviction when the victim refuses to participate.

Anonymous said...

also Vick was convicted of hundreds of counts. Ben was accused, but never brought to trial on any of his counts. The NFL meted out a harsh punishment (drug violations usually get 4 games) for Ben. True that he now has a pattern of accusations, however, people are innocent until proven guilty in our system.

Anonymous said...

Worse than that - Bress has the Madden Curse....FOOK!!

bruthaman1 said...

i don't think ben raped the woman and roger godell is not racist but if all the facts were the same but ben was black he would have been charged. you obviously have never been to small town georgia.

Anonymous said...

bruthaman - no denying that there is plenty of racism in small towns in the South.

But in this particular case, the victim specifically asked the DA not to pursue the case. What's he supposed to do? I can't think you're gonna get a rape conviction if there were only two people in the room and the victim has no interest in testifying.