Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Don't get hysterical"

That's what Sen. Landrieu just told us. Ok, I'm not hysterical, but I'm freaking the fark out.

You can now smell it in the air, not sure if that's the burn or the actual slick.

So I'm not getting hysterical...but I have to ask these what point does this become such a health threat that we start looking at evacuation? Can this thing push it's way back up into Pontchartrain? Can it push it's way back up the Mississippi? That's our sole water source for the city. What happens if we have a tropical event in the gulf?


Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Y'all need to go get all the seafood you can fit in your house NOW.
That will be gone Monday morning, Wednesday latest and after that for the foreseeable future.
Oh and the smell is going to get worse.
Oh and we are operating now under the law of the National Incident Response Framework NIRF
You should all plan accordingly and not assume that law enforcement will respond as you might expect.
Unified Command is the key word here which you will see in every press conference.
We are now under Unified Command, that is an actual thing, not a metaphor.

And I got a close crop of this animal over at the Ladder y'all can lift. It looks like fighting claws, or I dare say even a snake, coiling up on the bird foot.

But really, better get your po'boys while they're still fresh. Those days are over and I'm crying about it.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Some things to consider now:
*The price of seafood --the Existence of Louisiana seafood-- not only now, but more poignantly next week.
Does anyone have a bead on that right now?
*The National Incident Response Framework NIRF.
Please look that up and plan accordingly. Things have changed, federalized. That may be a good thing.
***Unlike the Exxon Valdez, yet very much like Chernobyl, this will be the man-made catastrophe that will just keep on giving --not just for the next 30 days at 210,000/day.
*We have the beginning now of what we will stronger have tomorrow the Smell of Irony at this final weekend of Shell Oil Jazz Fest.

Jason Brad Berry said...

I've been told that Unified Command won't be incorporated unless the spill reaches Orleans Parish waterways.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

That time is now:
There is a press conference on this tomorrow Friday at 1:30

In every reference in the press the President calls this an "incident".
But that aside, it is the law that when the President declared this "incident" of National Significance, then DHS is in charge, just as was Michael Chertoff even before Ike made landfall on Galveston Beach.
He absolutely trumped the Governor of Texas and that ain't no mean feat.
Please note the various Annexes.

bruthaman1 said...

"what happens if we have a tropical event in the gulf" we're F$$%$%ED if that happens. i smeeled something at 11 last night and didn't know what it was. i bet there is a lot of cream in a lot of lawyers pants around here.

Anonymous said...

When did this thing start?

When did Obama and Jindal start acting?

It seems to me a LOT OF TIME passed before any state or federal push came to contain this thing, I mean really effectively contain it.

Meanwhile we've learned that the full extent of it has been hidden from us.

230 Louisiana fishermen go out on a Dunkirk like last ditch attempt to stop this blob?

Why have they been forced to do this? Obama really couldn't get the ships and booms necessary to contain this thing a week ago?

Anonymous said...

Oh and Landrieu's a moron. Why dod we continue to tolerate here as a state with doltish comments like this?

The livelihoods of the people of the coast, with ripple efefcts in New Orleans and the rest of the state, our coastal economy and ecology, are all at stake, and she makes a flippant comment like that. She has no business being oru US Senator.