Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How would you like your shrimp cocktail?

...10w30 or 10w40?

Crews to begin controlled burn of oil in Gulf

Don't mean to ruin your day, but if this doesn't's time to panic.

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Anonymous said...

It isn't wrong to treat this as a crime scene, to try to determine what happened, and who is at fault.

The millions and billions it will cost to deal with this are going to come out of someone's pocket, some people perhaps should go to jail, and I understand wanting to go after the right people.

This is sickening. I can't stop thinking about it.

I am thinking about a sign I saw once, "Patriots ride bicycles".

I am thinking about the new but useless, Ceasar Burgos inspired, dinky-toy streetcar line they are planning to spend $45 million creating when a real, effective, and extensive public transportation network linking the city and suburbs is needed.

It would not fix everything, but it would be at least one way to change the cultural paradigm. The opportunity to create it was there, and was lost before it was even considered, because of the people in Nagin's City Hall, and their inbuilt set of priorities and biases. Tax payers will fund their pensions.

The fishermen are getting screwed again, and it would be frightening to have to go back out on an oil rig after seeing or living through that explosion.

It sucks to feel hurt, mad, and powerless.