Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Those goddamn communication guys....

...they just don't know how to communicate.

Firm finds 5,400 deleted e-mail messages of New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin

Issue 4.1: No uniform email retention policy exists
During interviews, Office of Technology personnel stated that no email policy or
Acceptable Use Policy existed. Further research by SunBlock located an email policy
dated May 13, 2008 on the City site at:
However, this policy is not widely known. In order for a policy to be implemented, it
must be uniformly disseminated so that employees understand it exists.


Anonymous said...

so SunBlock is also saying the messages were removed.

hmm how do you like the part about NAGIN'S WIFE being a city account holder, using her email *daily*, but then having a blackout period only for the very same period the TP requested?

this is interesting. rather than a grand city conspiracy, it *could* be a simple case of -- the mayor and his wife were having intensely personal discussions via city email...and begged Boyd to not let them become public. thus the blackout period.

if this is true, id bet they were more of a personal nature (an affair, etc) than of Secret Deals or whatnot..

Anonymous said...

Q: How do you prevent sunshine from being the best disinfectant?

A: Apply some SunBlock!

We ain't finding those emails now, folks. But everyone involved better have been really, really careful about how they deleted what or they are going to be looking at some jail time. The forensic IT guys that the Feds use are for real.