Thursday, May 27, 2010


I'm hearing the top kill has failed. Can sources please confirm.


Anonymous said...

I heard from a pretty reliable source that the top kill is indeed making progress slowing the pressure from about 3600 psi to about 200 psi since execution. With expectations of total kill by sometime tonight.

Anonymous said...

As of 10:22 AM, NY and LA Times both reporting it has worked.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading they plugged it completely and they are planning to pump cement soon.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

I commented above in more detail, but here is the New Coast Guard Commander contradicting reports on Fey Thad the Gimpaler:
Degenerating to literally "What he actually said..." boo'rah.

Your Word Thingy for this comment is: "ratea"
No kidding... indeed!
Black Gold, Louisiana Ratea...

Sophmom said...

Isn't "fey" the best word? I've seen it in business a couple of times, CEOs who'd lost all perspective like mad generals drunk on battle.

I hope you've heard wrong, Dambala.

My "word thingy" is repopp.