Saturday, May 29, 2010

Has everyone in Jeff Parish Lost their Goddamn Mind?

"No Refusal" for DWI suspects this weekend. 
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 Once again, I beg Councilman Roberts, or someone with half a brain to please intervene.  You can't force a human being to provide a blood sample.  What the fuck is wrong with you guys?  No...No....No.....a thousand times No.   You are setting yourself up for a lawsuit of epic proportions, do you not get that? 

Look, let me explain it to you.  I gave blood today under my doctor's order in a lab at one of our more prestigious medical facilities.  It didn't go well.  I told the nurse from the beginning that she missed my vein (by a mile) aside from the fact that she didn't swab my arm with alcohol before she stuck me.  She never looked me in the eye or even acknowledged me before she rammed a needle into my tendon and started digging around.  Don't believe me?  Check out this pic:

It's even worse now.

That was from a lab nurse...she totally fucked my arm up to the point where I can't bend it right now.  And Normand want's to force people to get stuck by the parish and give blood samples? are going to get sued on so many will bankrupt your parish.  What the hell is wrong with you guys?  Aside from the risk of physical damage...YOU CAN'T FORCE PEOPLE TO GIVE UP THEIR BLOOD!  Are you on crack?  That's got to be the one of the most gross violations of a human being's constitutional rights I've ever heard of.

Who the fruck are the lawyers and PR folks advising you guys?  Whoever they are, fire their asses immediately.

Seems like every day I wake up, things just keep getting stupider.  Of course maybe I'm just getting stupider or more out of touch....yet I quote Bowie, "This is not America".


Anonymous said...

The 8 technical "leaders" (council + president) who lead JP are scumball idiots, and that was *before this.

Really, to all you great NO bloggers out there from AZ to the Library Chronicles to Oyster and Adrastos and etc. etc. etc. who thrived so much and (albeit painfully) thrived with so much material under Nagin, I invite you to turn westward, just over the tracks and 200 year old levee at Oak and River Road, to LA's largest parish, a place where 500,000 people live under a cloud of corruption that would make you as sick as SDT's FQ sewers.

There is a *lot of material there and a complete lack of reporting from the TP and local stations.

For one thing the Parish President, who is really just John Alario's little puppy, has yet to show up for America's greatest ecological disaster washing up on his parishes shores.

racymind said...

I know it isn't your favorite standard of comparison, but they have been doing "no refusal" weekends for DWI for some time here.

Not saying I am remotely in favor of it or anything, but it isn't like other states arent doing the same thing.

sam said...

I saw this on the news the other night. They're gonna have "judges on standby to issue warrants" and nurses at the jail. ACLU says this is completely out of control, which of course, it is. One old guy in a Jeff Parish bar who was interviewed said, "If I say no to the breathalyzer, fine take me to jail, but taking my blood? Hell no." Judges on standby sounds like tossing out lawbooks and heading to the local Staples to get a custom made rubber stamp to me.

Anonymous said...

What are you talking about? Norma Broussard you know Arron's daughter-inlaw is the one pushing this.
I thought that the only way they could take blood was it there was a accident, not at a police check point.

You know in the eightys we the american sheep gave up our right to privacy to big bussness in the war on drugs with radom drug testing so why are you so supprised.

THink about it sheep people, The only ones with rights is the very rich and the very poor everyone else (FUCK YOU)

America were you not judge by your ablities but by the content of your PISS!!

Colby said...

Refuse on religious grounds and they can't take it no matter the order....

Anonymous said...

Colby, no, they cannot take it under any circumstances, not legally/constitutionally. But of course in JP that will have little bearing anyway.

Anonymous said...

Norma Broussard is at the heart of all this.

Anonymous said...

Hey now, don't insult nurses! The person who took your blood, or tried to, in the lab I can assure you is NOT a nurse. And that's too bad.
I was a phlebotamist in high school, which just means a blood drawer, trained on the job. Anyone can and does do it.

If only they hired nurses with knowledge of anatomy, and the whys and hows, to do these things, but they're too tight with the $$$. They figure as long as it doesn't kill you, you'll survive.

I am now an RN, and am appalled at what I see. There are very, very few RN's in any Dr's offices, and I've seen some bad things happen. Their offices for some scary reason are not held to the same standards as a hospital, so they hire people off of the street to do things, even giving injections.
Even in a hospital, scrubs do not a nurse or doctor make!

Ask every time you're in a Dr's office and come in contact with an employee. Just because they're wearing a white lab coat or scrubs doesn't mean they are a medical professional.

Jason Brad Berry said...

I am not insulting nurses...believe me if I was doing that my ass would be kicked to the curb. My wife is a nurse.

I'm just pointing out that aside from it being a human rights violation, there is a tremendous amount of room for medical malfeasance. That's not a risk any sane city/state/parish government would want to take.