Wednesday, May 12, 2010

On his death bed...

..Steve Theriot will receive total consciousness.

And then maybe he will realize what an ass he looks like right now.

Steve Theriot says Jefferson Parish lawsuit is to collect information, not intimidate online comments

So let me get the logic right...he's not trying to intimidate all his critics, he just wants to smoke out a few particular people so he can "address the concerns they are raising". By suing them?

Keep talking Steve...just keep talking.

I also got this explanation today:

Anonymous said...

according to Councilman Roberts' assistant this lawsuit is targeting a single parish employee:

Councilman Roberts does not have all the specifics on the suit. Mr. Theriot did make comments at the opening of the council meeting this morning. The suit is specifically targeted at about 12 user names believed to be one person who is a current parish employee under investigation by his administration.

The Council was assured this is not an attempt to silence critics.

Councilman Roberts said he hopes this clarifies the issue for you. He wouldn’t expect the TP to report accurately on this as they don’t want people to fear posting in forums which he understands and so does everyone else that “this is our right”.

I'm actually more disturbed now than I was before.

I think Steve Theriot has become Carl Spackler. The Royal Court in JP has a vermin at Bushwood.....Theriot's solution is to blow up the entire golf course to try and get to a single, wily gopher. Now he goes to the TP and says "Mr.'s your friend, Mr. Rabbit...I don't want to hurt you...I want to help you....I just want to rip your fucking head off."

I was going to suggest Councilman Roberts come to his senses and get the parish council to call this off but shit man, I can already tell this may get funnier than Caddyshack as it goes along.

I hope someone is filing public records requests for the running legal bills.

Yes...kill all the golfers, Carl...kill them all.

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buthaman1 said...

these people are so drunk with power they don't even realize how stupid they look. i mean where do they find these assholes?

i wonder if the "we need a change in the color of our leadership" works both ways....LOL.. i seriously doubt it though!