Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No Line on the Horizon

I had the good fortune to fly out over the Macondo site on Sunday. Hope to have some good footage coming up on Humid Beings soon. Until then, here's a still:


Anonymous said...

A bit of strange trivia: Macondo was the fictional, doomed town in Gabriel Garcia Marquez's "One Hundred Years of Solitude."
Also the apartment building where Faye Dunaway's daughter/sister lived in the Polanski movie, "Chinatown." "She's my daughter. She's my sister. She's my daughter. She's my sister."

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Anon, that's heavy. I teethed on Faulkner, lost my virginity to Pynchon... but Marquez, That Mraquez, took 3 years straight up The 1st Time!
I have to have Borges, to make it between fixes ahem... right now I'm lost in Funes The Memorious, because we are forced now to remember again, recall disaster as if to feed the Ravens who would witness murder on the high seas.
There will be good horror written by our grandchildren of this one.

Barclays calls it the Macondo Incident.

-blessed holy socks, the non-perishable-zealot said...

How long does it take a wee gnat to swallow? That’s precisely how long our wee existence is.
God bless.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

And apparently no horizon on this Line.

Clay said...

70,000 Barrels/Day?

Anonymous said...

I heard 70 000 barrels a day, too. This is the saddest thing that has ever happened.

I am worried about the effect of the chemicla dispersants on women of childbearing age, pregnant and nursing women.

Those chemicals, we are told, bioaccumulate.

Vietnam is still coping with birth defects due to Agent Orange. CNN has a video up of the birth defects in Fallujah that many suspect are the result of chemical weapons use in that city during the siege.

How do we get them to tell us what chemicals are being used, and in what quantitites?

How do we get them to tell us what those chemicals do to people, and to the unborn?