Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Super Secret Mission

Mr. Wolfjam and I are off to Port Fourchon again today to conduct a super secret mission. If we come back alive we will have a kick-ass exclusive on Humid Beings...and I do mean kick-ass.

May Legba guide us down the good path.


Anonymous said...

Good Luck.

Beth said...

Safe travels.

Anonymous said...

I've recieved several e-mails about group meditation sessions/prayer vigils for the Gulf.

Amazingly, REALLY divergent groups of people are suggesting 8pm on Wednesday the 26th as the time for this.

I'm hearing this from Wiccans, Baptists, Leftie Catholics, and from a woman at the yoga studio down the street.

I was weirded out that the Wiccans and the Baptists picked the same date and time.

I think I will participate, but probably alone in my house.

Wednesday, 8pm, for about an hour.

swampwoman said...

vaya con dios

Anonymous said...

Something happened shortly after 6PM tonight at the riser.

We were watching the live BP feed at when, suddenly, the amount of oil increased ten fold and completely obscured everything in view. It was a literal underwater explosion. An incredible amount of oil began gushing out on the feed until about 6:25PM when the live feed suddenly went dark.

A few minutes later the feed returned but it was a different view (different ROV) ... a view of the riser leak that was obscured by equipment so it was not possible to see the leak itself.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Yeah you figured it out. We drove down to Fourchon to boof each other on oil soaked beaches and film it. Damn, you're good man.

sam said...

Have you written about the trip yet? Are you cross posting it?