Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yeah the timing is just about right

EPA demands BP use less toxic dispersants for Gulf of Mexico oil spill, paper reports

I'm sure Nalco has already cleared their warehouse of Corexit and got paid handsomely. They'll probably announce they discontinued production of the product in the coming weeks now that they've dumped their remaining stock all over the toxic wasteland which has become our Gulf.

I'm really sick today. I'm sick on so many levels. Seeing the oil come in and engulf what's left of our wetlands, knowing it's only going to get worse in orders of magnitude....I'm not sure I felt this hollow during Katrina.

I think it's cognitive disassociation, I just can't afford to let myself think about the loss. I need a drink.


jeffrey said...

That's about right. I think I feel worse, or at least more helpless now than after Katrina. What can we do? There's just no stopping this and no cleaning up after it.

Anonymous said...

I just want to walk around crying.

Thank you for continuing to blog about this. Checking and rechecking, reading and rereading what you all are posting is about all I can think to do.

What is there to say?

Beth said...

We went to Ship Island today. It was gorgeous. Pelicans and dolphins accompanied the Capt. Pete on our way there and back. I couldn't let myself think about this.

Anonymous said...

So glad the depression I am feeling is not just mine. I just said today that the same numb, empty feeling I felt after Katrina is back. Sick. I only hope that Mother Nature can somehow fix this in my grandchildren's life.