Friday, May 14, 2010

Zombie Eats Crow v. (oh crap, I lost count)


I was.

As most of the folks who read this blog know, quite often I get stuff very, very wrong. It appears that is the case when I accused former city CTO, Harrison Boyd, of nepotism in the hiring of technology contractor, TDC.

Come to think of it, let's ask TDC why they weren't capable of performing that task. Maybe we should place a call to TDC Vice-President Roger know Harrison Boyd's wife's sister's son. If we get him or Harrison on the phone, maybe we can also ask them how the IT staffing company, Strategic Staffing, didn't win the IT contract even though they were the lowest bidders.


My apologies to Mr Boyd and Mrs. Boyd. Shame on me....bad zombie. As punishment I will refrain from eating any brains for one week.


Anonymous said...

Man, it just keeps getting worse...

Jason Brad Berry said...

You should put something on that and get it checked out.

Anonymous said...

So TDC is not related to Boyd's family?

That's quite a whopper. Think it was a mole test?

Jason Brad Berry said...

I thought about that but I'm not sure what the purpose would be for an outgoing admin.

It could have been to try and discredit the blog as well but if that was the case they underestimated my apathy capacity.

Or more than likely, it was just bad information. we know.