Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hey Wait a Minute

I thought liberals were the American apologists:

btw...$1,448,380 in campaign contributions from oil companies, Mr. Barton has received since he was elected to congress.  If we don't ask for the escrow account, do you think Barton will donate all that money he got to his constituents on the Texas coast?

And Vitty Cent has been deafeningly quiet on this one.  I wonder if that has anything to do with his BP bailout proposal and ties with the company who couldn't be bothered to send their reps to the congressional hearing yesterday, Anadarko.

The Lens has more:

Come to the Anadaroko side: We might have liability limits

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Anonymous said...

I posted this at LC blog, but feel its is really worth spreading around

-the first few seconds are slow... but once Vice President Biden gets rolling it makes me wonder why President Obama didn't give "this" speech during prime-time last week. (well worth the 4 minutes I believe)