Friday, June 18, 2010

I just took the red pill

I need a drink.  Who's in?


Jason Brad Berry said...

Tonique on Rampart Street @ 5 pm.

oyster said...

I'm in.

Jason Brad Berry said...

820 North Rampart

Anonymous said...

with you in spirit(s)

Anonymous said...

A sunburn and a couple of gin and tonics...I think it was a couple...(if you have several more than two, can you still say you had "a couple"?)...can really take effect...I saw the movie, but what was the red pill again?

I don't know if I can take more oil updates.

Do you have any posts about the sordid aftermath of the Nagin regime pending, or do those tawdry fucks get a pass because the end of the world is more important than whatever they did to tip the karmic balance to the "we're fucked" side?

On a totally unrelated but slightly drunken note, my father was an asshole, but I wish him and all fathers a Happy Father's Day.

The good news for asshole Dads is that your kids will remember all the amazing and wonderful things you did no matter what a jerk you were the rest of the time. A little good fathering goes a long way.

For those Dads who are not assholes, kudos, carry on, and rest assured that you are appreciated and loved. Have a good day.

Wow. It has been a long time since I have been this drunk. If my spelling is still OK I will be very impressed with myself. Sorry to have subjected all of you to this. Best regards for an awesome weekend.

Jason Brad Berry said...

drink up dreamers, we're running dry

Anonymous said...

darn saw your post too late. hope you said hello to merv for me.