Wednesday, June 23, 2010

She is Satan's Handmaiden

I now completely agree with Kevin Allman that Arriana Huffington is satan's handmaiden.

Raining Oil In Louisiana?

I am in River Ridge right is any way shape or form...raining oil.  Jim Bob may have a busted oil pan in his pick-up truck, but I can assure you it is not raining oil.

I tried to comment on this story three times to allay people's knee-jerk, chicken little, freak outs and the HuffPo editors censored all three of my profanity in any of them.  I guess they think it's funny to get people all freaked out and spread stupid rumors around the country that it's raining oil and toxic dispersant in New Orleans.  Thanks Huffington guys rock!  That does wonders for our tourism business. 

If I could get my hands on these guys I would wring their farking necks right now.


Jason Brad Berry said...

Yeah I just heard it was raining molten steel in Pittsburgh, too. I also heard it rained coffee in Seattle one time. And if you walk around in the grass with your shoes off in Kentucky your feet turn blue.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

I know you read this but...

Kevin said...

How it works:

1) Arianna lets people post any kind of crazy shit - pix of nude volleyball players, anti-vaccination screeds, the Deep Thoughts of Jamie Lee Curtis - throws it all at the wall without anything resembling real editorship, just to see what hits.

2) When she gets called out on something like this, she professes deniability under the guise of "various viewpoints."

3) While refusing to curate the work that goes on the site, she DOES closely curate the comments, so nary a substantial criticism or correction can be heard.

4) She continues to do it, not pay her contributors, and sell ads around their unpaid work.

That's how it goes in Arianna's world.

Jason Brad Berry said...

it's really amazing. I tried and tried to comment on that post that this story is bullshit and they "curated" my comments 3 times. It's like a radio host yelling over a phone caller who disagrees with him...except you can't even get through.

Anonymous said...

Long thread on about this.

Its funny but every 56 posts some one will say something about it being normal dirty road run-off only to have the next 55 post be about environmental apocalypse... and then the cycle continues

Jason Brad Berry said...

It's completely out of hand. It's like Orson Wells just read War of the Worlds to 1938 radio audience.

This is going to have a profound effect on our city if these people actually start believing it's raining oil in New Orleans.

I'm fighting it as hard as I can, but for every post I make, there are 5 baseless reactionary idiots.

Anonymous said...

Somebody post this video so people will go back to just having a general dread of our city and police force

Ahhhh, the comfort of the fear I know.

Anonymous said...

The question mark in the headline bails Arianna's ass out. Or could it really have been an Andy Borowitz column?

Yeah, it sucks. However, I suspect that those that would believe it have the same oil/rain in their own driveways. What will crack me up is when it starts raining oil in Barlow, KY and Jackson, MO. Rain is forecast for this afternoon. We'll see...

The one plus in this is that these idiots are helping keep the focus on devastation in the Gulf, and may help keep the pressure on for more resources to deal with it.

These fools weren't heading to the Gulf for vacation anyway. So far, those I know that planned trips in that direction, are still going. There's a lot of people that love New Orleans, and not all of them go for the fishing. There's still the music, the architecture, the culture, the history, and of course, the beignets.

Anonymous said...

Even without BS stories about it raining oil in New Orleans, tourism is in trouble.

The more accurate story that in many places the air smelled of "burning GI Joes" (see that yellow blog), and the pictures of oil on beaches and in the water, the dead animals, and sea food that might be safe or might not be, all the depression and despair of the local peoples... who needs to add raining oil to this?

It is bad enough.

So why do they feel a need to make it worse?

Not letting you comment sucks, it really does.

So much for free speech.

patsbrother said...

With a rare degree of certainty, I feel I can assure you that no significant number of people will believe this.

Southern man. Poorer area. Home video.

It'd be like believing in Hogzilla or that Alabama lepruchan.

I think we're okay.

Jason Brad Berry said...

well, unfortunately it did catch traction nationwide. From HuffPo it went to Drudge, Firedoglake, etc., etc.

I was actually contacted by TV station in Albany, GA today about it and gave them an interview. I'm not sure they even believed me. It's amazing how gullible people are.

Mojofearless said...

It's not just stateside, Dambala... my friend in Poland asked me first thing this morning if it was raining oil here. That's how I found out about this ridiculous story - from someone in Poland.

Anonymous said...

TanMan here,

Plants of all types damaged by unknown source. Could it be due to dispersant sprayed into Gulf? Or raining Oil?