Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The unparalled journalistic ethos of the Huffington Post

Just so we know, this is the guy who posted the video claiming it was raining oil in River Ridge. The video that the Huffington Post then picked up and spread to readers nationwide, suggesting it was true.

I suppose it could have just rained oil on his street.

I'm going to go piss off my roof, film it and claim it's raining urine....I wonder if they'll post that.


bruthaman1 said...

its not nice to piss on people and then tell them its raining outside...LOL

Anonymous said...

Firsties !!!!

Oh, Hai Gauys waz go n on n diz thrd?


Diz gaiy sz tht teh LoiL Rain is BS... thn ppl sz he iz BS

Anonymous said...

Maybe you've already seen this, but if not, please watch. It's Venice resident Kindra Arnesen, and she's got some serious shit to say:

Anonymous said...

As a footnote to my Kindra Arnesen post -- she has already sent her children to live elsewhere, and I suspect she won't be far behind. When do the riots start?

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Thanks Annon. Mrs Arnesen helped greatly in my Huff Post reply regarding Ivor van Heerden doing Press Tours for NPR, subcontracting Shore Assessments for BP, and saying the Oil Impact has been OVERTATED.
I won't let him get away with that, and especially in light of what will surely be called something like: "The Arnesen File".
That Cajun Woman is telling the truth, while our Hero Ivor van Heerden appears to have Spin'filtrated.
You can see the comment and link to the video and Van Heerden's NPR spot here:
I'm actually pretty gratified Harry posted it given the Fulcrum Role that Van Heerden plays in Shearer's upcoming Documentary on the Flood: "The Big Uneasy", set to premier @ Mardi Gras World Aug 26th during the 5th Anniversary.

Ironically, it is in a thread of Sandy Rosenthal's comment. HA! Some of you may understand that with me ahem.

Jus'sayin... to quote Mrs, Arnesen: "I picked my team a long time ago," well before I chose to support Ivor van Heerden --even before the Corps flooded our city.
My Huff Handle btw is of course backhandpath. That's right.

Anonymous said...

This guys vid just made ABC26 news at 6:30

Anonymous said...

Oh, and they declare "Myth Busted!" No oil rain.

-I guess he'll be enjoying penis more now

Jason Brad Berry said...

26? Oh God...that means another 12 people saw it.

EA Hanks said...

Head. Desk.

Jason Brad Berry said...


It's amazing the head desk didn't retract the story or at least follow it up.

Btw, big fan. Of yours, not the HP. Next time you're in N.O. I'd love to buy you a drink.