Thursday, June 24, 2010

There's magic in the air

I was on Bourbon Street last night, and I swear to Papa Legba, it was raining beer, whiskey and strange, multi-colored, plastic orbs fastened to strings!  I looked up to the heavens and saw a vision of Mother Mary's bosom in the sky, as if she was symbolically nurturing every one below.

On a side note, I didn't realize the Madonna had a tattoo of Axl Rose on her left knocker.

I heard someone shot a video of the miracle and it will be posted on the Huffington Post in short order with the following poll:

Do you believe a miracle happened on Bourbon Street last night?

-  I believe it was Medjugorje'ial magic!

- I am skeptical, but I'd like to see samples of the whiskey rain, and pictures of the boobies.

- What's up with Axl Rose anyway?  Is he back or what?


Monica said...

The question is can you prove it didn't happen.

Leigh C. said...

Hmmm, coincidentally, when picking up my son from sleep-away camp earlier today, there was a great deal of Guns 'N' Roses that came up on the radio stations I dialed up on the trip.

And, apparently, the dude who wrote Hammer of the Gods came out with a G'N'R bio recently. The DJs joked that Axl is barely connected to his band anymore, so it probably relied heavily on Slash, Duff, and all those other guys. So it probably was a specter of sorts...

Jason Brad Berry said...


Really? That is the question in your mind?

In a metropolitan area of over 1 million people, only 1 person claimed it was raining oil and his evidence of that was rainbow colored discharge into a storm drain near a trailer park.

It's rained here just about every day in June. Not once has anyone reported it raining oil.

The guy who posted the video is notorious for posting vitriolic, conspiracy laced stuff on YouTube.

And you think the question is whether or not I can prove it didn't happen.

Yeah, man, you win.

Anonymous said...

Can it rain poo poo? Cuz there's poo poo in the water.

Leigh C. said...

And if all those rains this month were really that oily, my Cherokee tomato plant and my sunflower would not be growing like crazy. Just sayin' is NOT raining oil.

But please please please call me when it rains men.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Leigh, I heard it's raining men in the Marigny.

Anonymous said...

So most everyone I know wants to go off the grid and have a small scale solar and wind set up, right?

And those of us in the peon/peasant class

(and we know who we are: the debt slaves with fancy degrees, the college drop outs with no debt but few assests, artists-etc., anyone who is a parent, anyone with medical needs, pick your flavor of poison)

can't figure out how to gather up the capital to make this happen, as each month we need to kick money towards the running repairs that must be done to keep the army in being.

So BP claims to do solar, right?

They've got fancy ads and shit saying so.

It is probably a different arm of the monster, the solar thing they do.

Why don't they just give everyone who signs up on a list (restrict it to areas affected directly by this if that seems right, but the affected areas are going to expand) the solar power set ups we all want?

They'd still have to deal with the evil thing they have done to the world. I'm not saying let them off the hook.

But I'd also like to see them doing more than just this half assed and hopeless effort to pretend away the damage.

I'd like to see them move the ball down the field in the other direction, towards the other goal.

If they've got solar technology, and everyone wants solar technology, I think one part of their penance should be to just help all of us kick our oil addiction.

Whether or not they are going to help, we have to do it, but they should help if they can.

Anonymous said...

me and my wife just got back from ocean springs for our annual pilgrimage to the walter anderson museum.

while on the beach our toenails grew klan hoods.

i got vid.


Anonymous said...

rose's really smell like poo poo.

andre 3000

Leigh C. said...

Dude, the Marigny doesn't much count for me, but for those for whom itdoes count, hallelujah!

Monica said...

In rereading my original comment I see I lacked the proper amount of sarcasm.

For this I am sorry.