Saturday, July 31, 2010

Astroturfing Flypaper

Footage approaching Ship and Cat Islands in Mississippi from the flyovers:

I want to guess the astroturfer's explanations before they make them:

- That's all CG man, you did that on a computer.

-  That's not the Gulf of Mexico, that was shot in your backyard pool.

-  That's from a pack of whales with a bad case of diarrhea.

-  That's cloud formations and reflections from a rainbow.

-  That's ocean floor sediment that has the uncanny ability to camouflage itself as floating oil sheen.

-  That's a ripline....on acid.

- That's the natural look of the Gulf of Mexico.

And my favorite excuse so far, this is actually an explanation, I'm not making this up.....

- If that is oil, why isn't BP skimming it or booming it?  If BP isn't doing anything about it, it can't be oil.

Round 2 for astroturfers....ready, set, go! may want to to turn the audio down, I left the engine noise in that clip, sorry. 

No wait....that's actually me making engines sounds with my mouth to make it sound like an airplane.  I'm so good at faking everything according to my astroturfers, they have me convinced I can make the next sci-fi blockbuster in my office.  If there are any Hollywood producers out there, don't spend 200 million on the Green Lantern or Iron Man III, just give me 15k and I'll make it look even better than the real thing...or the imaginary thing...whatever.   

Actually BP should hire me to photoshop their shit....obviously the guys they hired aren't doing as good a job of hiding it as I am of making it up, huh?


Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

I think based on BP's "scale back" behavior, we should say that must definitely be oil because you don't see a single skimmer!
This explains why these turfers are hitting this blog so hard.

This is horrible.

BTW, the oil is now moving into St Mary's Parish:

Less land means less State's rights, less ground upon which to make a stand.

Thanks for keeping the focus.

OH SNAP! Your Word Thingy Formenter (WTFr) for this comment?
"rudy"! Hahahahaha
Yeah, it's time to get rudy.

Anonymous said...

The House is in recess for August; the Senate will soon be. Less than 100 days before the elections. You do the math why you are getting hit by astroturfers. Don't blame BP exclusively. The media did a 360 spin on this crisis within the last week. BP doesn't have that much power this side of the ocean.

Jason Brad Berry said...

wow...what a lonely comment section. I wonder where all the "that's not oil" crew went?

Jason Brad Berry said...

I accidentally deleted Edtilla's it is. sorry:

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder
to me

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Editilla~New Orleans Ladder has left a new comment on your post "Astroturfing Flypaper":

Uhm, Anon, BP pulled Half its profits in 2010 from the US, $2,762,000 (according to their own quarterly report)after investing 16 Million last year and over $35 Million the past 5 years in our Congress.
Pretty powerful return for their money on this side of the ocean, but not as powerful over on the other side of the ocean.

Anonymous said...

100 days to elections.

How can people make this vote send a real message, and beyond sending a message, how can people vote to change things?