Sunday, August 01, 2010


Anonymous said...

You are a joke. Like I said last week, if you get half of your pictures wrong, you get it all wrong. At least half of your pictures show clouds, weed lines, and current. Yes, some pictures show oil. But how can anyone trust you when you don't get it all right, not even 80% right? People like you make my job that much harder because the oil companies and conservatives look at you and your errors and associate everyone with you. The validity of the argument and cause is greatly harmed as a result.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Then name yourself big guy.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

An anonymous voice from the sky says Zombie makes "his job" harder!
HAHAHHAHAHAHA Fleet footed Irony like that couldn't walk even if it had legs.
Really, Hoss...
1) What job?
2) What argument?
3) What cause?
4) What you mean "we", Kimosabe?
Please work your Magical McRhetorical Syllodomy here and tell us:
5) Is the Gulf half empty or half full of oil now?
Come on, answering that has got to be the easiest part of "your job".