Friday, July 16, 2010

Good news

I'm out of town but I would have shown up for this rally:

Riverfront park supporters plan rally Saturday in the Bywater

I was very concerned that this project was going to get axed by the Landrieu admin. I'm ecstatic that they're publicly stating it's still on the board. This is a big win for the Bywater neighborhood and the city in general. I would love to see phase II and III developed as well, but that may be too much to hope for at this point. I'll settle for phase I for now.

There are so many good decisions being made I'm just waiting for something catastrophic to happen....I am suffering from PNSD...Post Nagin Stress Syndrome. For the past 4 years every day I picked up the paper fear ran through my heart. I'm like a shell shocked vet.


Anonymous said...

PNSD! Yes! GOOOOAAALLLL for Zombie, cue the vuvuzelas.

(Or don't. Thank goodness we are done with the vuvuzelas.)

Editilla said...

Really, PNSD is a good one! Hahahaha!
I say cue the drums!
I also agree with every letter of this post. You be hangin'on the Ladder.

GentillyGirl said...

PNSD! Yep we all have it.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

I'm listening to George Knapp right now on Coast to Coast Am. He is railing on the Wild Horses and BLM.
Here is his guest tonight on this:
I don't know if you can do a Listen thingy with tonight's show but here is the page for it:
I'da dropped this in the appropriate post, but ahem I sometimes get a little skitzy with the machinery this time of night:)

Anonymous said...

as a resident of that area im a supporter of the park, BUT there were some problems w/ the plan. namely, the music venue that the developer wants to include. this venue can host thousands of people every day, yet there is no parking study, parking plan, or source of security & trash cleanup funds. this is alarming to us residents.

developers love to design these things, but after its built the logistics arent their problem. they remain our problem -- we personally perform expensive maintenance on Washington Square park since the city abandoned it.

not coincidentally, the lady quoted in the ABC 26 story is Shea Embry, a (wait for it)...commercial developer. but since she also lives here she is quoted as "resident".

nagin's plan for the park needs to be re-evaluated, and if they cannot secure financing for the venue then that portion should be scrapped.

also, only one entrance is a concern, when its a long park.

Anonymous said...

to coment on the last part of your post...there are changes coming..especially to the infamous MIS dept which is not called the ITI department...I have heard of massive layoffs, huge deficit in their budget..and the new guy, allen square seems awkward placement..but what do I know..i only hear the scuttle butt.

Anonymous said...

What do you know about Allen Square and the new MIS department? It's now "ITI"? How can they lay people off if they are protected civil servants?

Anonymous said...

Hey, remember when you complained this site was a lot of work.... You could be doing it for somebody else

Good Luck with everything though...