Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mr. Beholden to None

From the inimitable Judy B.

click under "clients" then corporate clients. Here's a partial list:

Altria Group, Inc.
American Express
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
British Airways
Conoco, Inc.
Dow Corning Corporation
Pfizer, Inc.
Philips Electronics N.A.
Purdue Pharma
Shell Oil Company
Virgin Atlantic
Eli Lilly & Company
Exxon Corporation
Ford Motor Company
General Electric Company
Hoechst Celanese Corporation

Anonymous said...

Limiting BP's Liability in the Gulf
The Case Against Kenneth Feinberg


Kenneth Feinberg is an expert.

His expertise?

Collusive class actions.

Limiting the liability of toxic tortfeasors.

And covering up corporate and governmental wrongdoing.

That’s the take of public interest attorney Rob Hager.

Feinberg is now working to limit the liability of BP in the Gulf oil spill case.

But Hager first ran into Feinberg while litigating the Agent Orange case back in the 1980s.

Hager was representing Vietnam veteran Don Ivy.

Federal court judge Jack Weinstein was seeking to impose a settlement on thousands of such cases brought by veterans against the companies that made Agent Orange – the dioxin-laced herbicide used in Vietnam.

Weinstein even had a settlement figure in mind – $180 million – half of what the chemical companies were willing to settle for.

He brought in Feinberg to “do his dirty work,” Hager told Corporate Crime Reporter in an interview last week.

“Weinstein’s mission was to limit the liability of the defendants,” Hager says. “That’s very clear.”


Anonymous said...


I've been thinking about Agent Orange for weeks and weeks.

This Feinberg dude sounds like bad, bad news.

Brian D said...

That oil on the plane might be airborne particulates caused by flaming the methane -- which undoubtedly contains lots of other stuff.