Thursday, August 05, 2010

∞ + Angelina = wasted $

I rarely get to watch movies at the theater these days, unless it's animated flicks with my kids.  So last night we had a date night with another couple and we went to see Salt.

I was left with a very bitter taste in my mouth, so I guess the film is aptly named.  The sequel should be named, "Salt: Rubbing It In The Wound".

There are bad movies....then there's this one.

Half way through the film my friend leaned over and said, "Did I miss something?"  I replied, "By the time this thing is over you're gonna be missing about 2 hours out of your life that you can never get back."  After that we were forced to lampoon the film the rest of the time in order to bear the pain.  Every time one of the hundreds of comically-inept, federal agents would allow Jolie's character to escape, I'd chant, "Buttafingahs!"

All I could think about was Jolie and Pitt sitting in the premiere and him leaning over and saying, "Really? I need to start reading your scripts from now on."


erzulie said...

Baby, stop was a bad call but I still like Angelina. I'm still amazed that her character was able to survive the multiple jumps off of the elevator shaft...but it is a movie. Next time...maybe Paranomal Activity 2?

More like your Zombie?

BTW, my word verification is "blesse" appropriate!

Jason Brad Berry said...

For you, I will stop it. For you only.

Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Angie smiled at me outside of Verte Marte one day a couple of years ago. Then I sorta errrah "bumped into" one of her security guys following a few doors behind. But she did smile at me. Me!

My word thingy is:
This is getting creepy.

Superdeformed said...

Yeah, you should have saw Inception or wait til next weekend to see the Expendables.

Clay said...

Take a look at this:

Allegedly a crude assay ( ) of the Macondo well crude. One thing to note: the API gravity is only about 25 instead of the ~30 I've heard quoted elsewhere. It's still what I'd classify as an "Intermediate" crude instead of a heavy crude.

That Cryptome site is also pretty interesting...

Jason Brad Berry said...

yeah I read cryptome regularly.

That assay isn't complete. There's no mention of Thallium or Radium - 236, and Radium - 238, and I can assure you both elements are there.

Clay said...

Reading cryptome sounds like it would drive someone a bit crazy

Clay said...

(reading it regularly... need to be not quite so quick on the enter button)

Clay said...

I can't find a search feature. Is there any other interesting Macondo-related items? I saw the safety checklist for the workforce housing.

Jason Brad Berry said...

I love cryptome...not as much as wikileaks but I love it.

I'm a freak that way.

I think the best resource now for Macondo spill is local blogs/fishing sites, i.e.,, and the few MSM resources willing to report the truth.

I've got about a week before kiddies come back from Funtucky summer vacation, we need to get the wifeys together and do dinner. I promise not to bring crazy Dave :)