Saturday, August 07, 2010

I will gladly pay you tomorrow, for the price of a hamburger today

BP oil spill claims meeting leaves many frustrated: 'I got the same answers I seem to be getting every time' (with photo gallery)

John Daversa said cancellations at the condo he rents out equal about $27,000 for the year, but BP has only paid him $1,250 so far.

"Every meeting has started with someone saying, 'Today you're going home with a check,'" said Daversa. "And they all end with, 'We just need one more document.'

"Now there's a real trust issue," he said. "Now, frankly, I don't believe in this whole process." 

Just wear them down until they die.

Thanks to the Press-Register for reporting the actual sentiments of it's readership and not towing BP's "We're doing everything we can" line.  I don't know how BP's tentacles have penetrated so deep and far, but I'm truly amazed at how quickly the MSM and government agencies from the Coast Guard to the FDA have jumped on the "it's all better now" bandwagon.


Anonymous said...

The audacity of the "It's all better now!" crowd is interesting, but I don't know if 'shocking' is the word that does it for me.

This is what they do all the time.

They stayed on message for months in the lead-up to the war in Iraq, and although most of what they were saying was transparent nonsense, they got the war they wanted, didn't they?

The idea that different orifices of the MSM are presenting radically different perspectives is laughable, as for the most part they tend to frame the debate along the lines of the press releases sent out by politicians, industry PR flacks, or their advertizers.

They are concerend about losing access, money, or future job opportunities.

Thanks to people like you, and like the amazing folks at Slabbed, who have kept on the insurance industry stories for five years and counting, managing somehow to remain both dogged and funny, maybe we have a chance.

Maybe it is only a chance to hear each other's stories, not to fix anything, but that matters, too.

Speaking of not letting things disappear down the memory hole, is anyone writing about the aftermath of the Nagin years? Is Letten ever going to charge anyone?

Anonymous said...

It only gets worse...

BP has announced that they're not paying claims in May for folks in the Florida panhandle or the Alabama or the Mississippi coastline. Why? Because the oil wasn't there yet?!!?!?!?!

They are ignoring the fact that the majority of cancellations during that time were because of fear of the quality of the water in the areas.

What jokers.

Jason Brad Berry said...

It's become painfully obvious to me that there is an unholy cabal of corporate, government, and media entities whose underlying mission it is to limit BP's liability in this spill. I'm not sure who is getting paid or how, but it is truly a masterful propaganda blitz on BP's part. I can only hope that those affected think long and hard before they sign anything these bastards are offering at face value. That 20billion number is a straw man and they have no intention of paying out anywhere close to that number, not are they in a hurry to even pay put the first 5b. Watch how the story will start shifting to "oil spill causes much less damage than expected." and don't forget the media resources who parrot that message.

Anonymous said...

Found this article linked on

John Baer: Worst disaster ever or a gusher of hype?

Burnett specializes in energy and environmental issues: "The disaster du jour almost never stands up to the harsh light of reality." He adds that nobody is saying the spill isn't bad, but that the "credibility of those who label it the 'worst environmental disaster' is being drawn into question."

Seems that way.

Sorta like Y2K ("the disaster du decade?") when computers were to crash and bring civilization to a halt at midnight Jan. 1, 2000.

Link to article:

Link to Fark comments:

If you want in on this...

Anonymous said...

"A fool throws a stone into the sea, and a hundred wise men cannot pull it out."

-- useful proverb