Friday, August 20, 2010

A reminder

Rising Tide is next weekend...time to sign up homeboys and homegirls..

Your's truly will be there and I even have the great privilege of sitting on the politics panel this year.  I always look forward to RT but this year should be especially bitchin' as so many new folks have entered the Nawlins' blogosphere and I look forward to meeting them.

If anyone is coming this year to beat me up, I am the really handsome, well dressed, articulate, guy with glasses:

Hah!  Of course you know that's Clancy DuBos, who will also be on the politics panel.  But don't beat him up he's way too valuable to the city.

I'll be the poorly dressed, ranting, ugly dude...probably hung over dude...See you there.


adrastos said...

Ragging on Clancy is always fun, Jason.

Jason Brad Berry said...

yes it is but I'm sure it's not fun to be ragged on by him...just ask Na-gone.

Anonymous said...

Received in mail today with a "Get the facts

paid for by Louisiana Truth P.A.C.

Anonymous said...

Here it is:
Address for Louisiana Truth P.A.C.
The Burland Group

Leigh C. said...

Looking forward to it, myself. But where will the unsolicited excitement come from this year, I wonder? ;-)

Jason Brad Berry said...

yeah I saw that, they linked to me. If you're implying that they are paying me...eeehhhhttttt... not.

I wish somebody would pay me if you're far I've got $30 bucks this month in donations.

There are about 25 sites that have linked to the story....that doesn't mean I have anything to do with them. The Hayride linked to me and I abhor that site.

But once again, I will gladly accept any donation you would like to make. :)

Jason Brad Berry said...

Wait are you saying you got something in the Mail Mail? Snail Mail? What was it?

Anonymous said...

You are my hero! In no way implying, just showing who might be using you for their own gain. Yes, snail mail in the Marigny to a registered dem. I looked up Burland, only thing I found was money paid to them by All Children Matter, voucher group that got in funding and lobby trouble some time back that incidentally funded alot alot of folks here:

Anonymous said...

ps-ain't got no dough!

Anonymous said...

Also, the content of the mailer has none or little to do with your posts, but instead is targeted at women and his voting record "against" them.

Anonymous said...

Open your eyes, and see the tracks:

Louisiana Truth PAC is a 527, established 6.22.10.

Contact Person is Stuart Smith

Stuart Smith is attorney working on BP cases

He has contracted Cheron Brylski to do PR for his lawsuits

He is also a big Lafonta supporter

Brylski works for Joseph Cao (Cao WOW anyone?)

Burland is just a front. is being funded by Smith, with Brylski's supervision.

That wasn't too hard, was it?

Anonymous said...

Brylski also recieved $ from All Children Matter for polical consulting incidentally. Thanks other Anom for better digging!

Anonymous said...

LaFonta has unsavory connections all the way around.

Sophmom said...

LOL. Even in an innocent post pimpin' RT, there's action here in the comments.

Leigh, maybe this year there won't be any door drama? Dambala, it will be a whole new kind of fun to be at RT with you, out.

Clancy DuBos said...

Thanks for the shout, Dambala. I am honored to be ragged on by you -- and to sit on the politics panel with you. Looking forward to RT5.

Anonymous said...

From Nagin's emails, this one in advance of his 2008 state of the city address:

From: Clancy Dubose

To: Ray Nagin

Subject: Wow

Date: 5/28/2008 5:53:30 PM

OK, so I'm the last person you expect to hear that from -- but, wow

-- I think this is the best speech you've ever given (in advance, that is,

assuming you don't, um, you know... : ) )

Also, great kudo to Charleston Mayor Riley. My son lives there now, after

graduating from College of Charleston. If you keep half your promises, I'll

get him back to N.O. permanently.

And then we'll have that lunch we occasionally talk about.


Anonymous said...

Another Clancy email from Nagin's trove, this from October 2007 having to do with Derrick Shepherd:

From: Clancy Dubose

To: Ray Nagin

Subject: Words escape me

Date: 10/24/2007 8:54:52 PM

...when I consider how low Derrick Shepherd will stoop. Your response (and Karen's as well) was measured but on target. This is an example of what is probably the number-one reason why so many good people never consider running for public office.



P.S. When he goes down, let's you and me call a truce and go get some lunch to celebrate.