Friday, October 15, 2010

how special

Federal City construction will include retail space, parking


Anonymous said...

How does this relate to those properties Sparky plotted on his map?

Will the people involved in that ever be called to account?

I think it was lil'oya who wrote about the woman in that neighbourhood who burst into tears when someone brought her canned goods.

The commenter (lil'oya?)said those people had been so abandoned in the post-flood relief efforts that pears in a can was enough milk of human kindness to precipitate that woman's collapse.

That image stays with me.

Charlotte said...

Yes, actually, it is special in that it will help revitalize a neighborhood. Hopefully, Federal City will bring a much needed facelift and economic stimulus to the Gen. Meyer corridor as well.

Anonymous said...

Is any retail planned within the LSU and VA footprints?

Anonymous said...

That's a good question.

I wonder which companies will get to install the countertops, etc.

VinceMacPaul said...

And maybe make a good deal on a shitload of "like new" crime cameras.

Anonymous said...

In response to a previous anonymous comment, yes retail is apparently planned inside the LSU/VA hospital footprint, not simply on the perimeter within the biomed corridor:

“…Caitlin Cain of the Regional Planning Commission, an early backer of the lower Mid-City site, applauded architects for penciling in retail space on the first floor the parking deck, but said there should be more retail opportunities during the "10, 15, 20 years" before expansion…”
Times-Picayune, August 18, 2009

Anonymous said...

I heard that people who were in the know, some of whom who had a hand in drawing that hospital footprint, bought properties within the footprint.

Does anyone know about that?

Is that just a rumor, or am I way behind, the story already debunked or confirmed?

angrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry cajun said...

I heard that Caitlin Cain had ownership interest in one of the consultants companies that did the Section 106 report.

Regardless, her and her douche husband Kurt Weigle are a pox upon New Orleans.

They have the blood on their hands of all who are dying waiting for health care in New Orleans.

Anonymous said...

The footprint option originated with the Regional Planning Commission. Which specific individuals were involved with the creation and submission of the RPC's hospital site proposal?

cajun grrl so pist said...

Anonymous said...
The footprint option originated with the Regional Planning Commission. Which specific individuals were involved with the creation and submission of the RPC's hospital site proposal?

Caitlin Cain. I don't know who above her but she's their front girl and has her hands alllllll over it. She was supposed to get a juicy position with GNOBEDD but the funding was yanked at the last minute, but it could come up again. Her husband is DDD Executive Director Kurt Weigle. They are not from here.

I hold these self-serving assholes responsible for the horrible, preventable death of my dear friend Cayne Miceli. Public hanging would be too good for Caitlin and Kurt. I would like to see their heads on some spikes, and I don't say that lightly. That's how shitty these people are. Look them up. Look at where they are from and where they live now, and see who is suffering because of their greed and self-aggrandizement.

Anonymous said...

The LSU and VA projects are both being being built in the RPC footprint. Contracts for both sides of what has been consistently represented as two separate projects are included in one state project 19-610-06B-04.

Anonymous said...

I looked up Mr. Weigle, and I laughed so hard I almost peed.

He came to New Orleans from Kwame Kilpatrick's Detroit.

I wonder if he knew Ceeon Quiett (now Mrs. Kenya Smith) back in the day?

Kwame went down, not hard, but he did go down.

Cain and Weigle seem to have a stunningly obvious conflict of interest going on.

Jason Brad Berry said...

I don't think KW has anything to do with Kwame Kilpatrick or Ceeon Quiett.

I don't guess I 'm seeing the big picture here....what are the transgressions you're claiming Cain and Weigle have committed other than having these jobs?

Anonymous said...

I don't see the connection the last anonymous commented upon. Being from Detroit is neither illegal or unethical, nor does it necessasily imply any connection with any other Detroit native, politician or political appointee.

On the other hand, why would it not appear to be a conflict of interest for Caitlin Cain to be involved with any aspect of development within a biomed corridor in which her spouse and her spouse's DDD predecessor, McNamara, are involved?

Jason Brad Berry said...

For buddha's sake.....spit it out. No more dissembling.