Friday, October 08, 2010

Speed the Reaper

The foreboding shadow hanging over Greg Meffert, Linda Meffert and Mark St. Pierre just got much larger.  The Camsoft petition has peeled the Netmethods onion in ways they and their lawyers didn't.....(wait for it).....IMAGINE.

In near synch with the Camsoft lawsuit, the U.S. Attorney's office has filed new acts of information in regards to their criminal case....and our buddies Benetech pop up more than once.


Here's what I think is happening....I think Tropos has cooperated with the Camsoft lawsuit in order to avoid being listed.  I think numerous emails and large amounts of information have subsequently surfaced in the wake of that alliance.

I think both the Mefferts and St. Pierre thought they could actually beat the U.S. attorney's charges....I would really like to put the optimism meter on them this week.

My prediction:  They're gonna fold and plea.  I don't think we will see a trial.

Either that or we'll be playing a new game on AZ called "Where in the world are the Mefferts?!?"  I'll take my camera and search the world over for the white collar fugitives and report back daily....Costa Rica, Rio, Australia,, I think I could sell that to Bravo or one of those crime channels.

Oh yeah, the B.R. CIO resigned....but we already knew that was a matter of time.


Anonymous said...

Oh, keep it coming, man.

Anonymous said...

Great work, Dambala.
If only you could get a dollar for every google hit in the past two days... haha.

Seriously people, if you appreciate what AZ does, please consider making a donation to the snake god.
Yes, seriously.

Anonymous said...

For your lazy, brain-dead, possibly semi-retarded, or chronically over-refreshed following (I will not speculate about what proportion of your readership I just described), what would we have learned if we'd read the document you so helpfully posted for us?

Jason Brad Berry said...

the smell

you have my attention, is there something you would like to say?

Anonymous said...

This is old news. What about the upheaval in the Landrieu Administration so far....can Mitch really be that bad a judge of character.