Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Duchess Trust?




Anonymous said...

hey buddy.

is the irony in the trusts' name or is it something deeper?

back in the day luther kent had a club in the 1/4 and one night he had bo didley play two shows.

the first show was a bust and he let me and the boys stay for the second show @ no charge because we were spending money at the bar.

one of my boys was a huge bo fan and knew that he used to call his wife the duchess.

bo was all nice to us untill my boy asked him where was the duchess?

it was at that point that the young girl who was with
him that he kept refering to as the duchess might not be his daughter.



Jason Brad Berry said...

nothing there, I was just curious what it was since they donated 5k to Dardenne. Turns out it was a lobbyist who hit the LA Powerball and set up a trust fund for the money. Nothing shocking.

The Fradella thing is interesting though.

I still have Bo's autograph on a personal check. I got it when I was at college and came through Oxford, MS. Incredible show....not as good as R.L. Burnside, but good nonetheless. I think R.L. may have been the best show I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

she asked me why? i just went on and told her.

truest shit ever said.

r.l. was the man.

check out his grandson cedric if you get a chance.

my saucier who plays blues as a hobby was asked by cedrick to come on stage and sit in for two songs.

that young man changed his life.

peace baby.