Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Big Crash Part 1: Our Own Worst Enemy

Ok folks, story is up at Humid Beings....thanks for being patient.

This is part one, an introductory piece, part two will dig much deeper and reveal some surprising twists in the mortgage and conveyance crisis  which have yet to be reported.  If you've been affected by the crash, and I know many of you have, please comment on HB. 

We're going to be building on to the format of the story as we go, we're basically inventing as we go along, so any suggestions, criticism, or general comments you have about the format, you can let me know here.  It will take a little longer than usual to absorb this format as the video interviews add time, but just grab a martini or a beer and settle in with it.



Anonymous said...

How did you not look into the Ike Spears contract with Dale Atkins???!!!???

As previously reported via Ch. 8, “At the same time Ike Spears is earning money from the parish, employed in the same building where his wife should be working full-time. Civil District Court records show Ike Spears makes $30,000 a year as a part-time staff attorney for the recorder of mortgages. A 2003 memo says all staff attorneys must have a signed contract. FOX 8 found one for another attorney on staff, but was told Ike Spears’ $30,000 contract doesn’t exist.”


What, exactly, was Ike *recording*???

They have two staff attorneys? Wouldn’t their assistance have come in handy in recording the paper backup here? Or in maintaining computer backup data entry? Or maybe that $60,000 could have been used on real IT help.

Jason Brad Berry said...

please be patient...this method of storytelling is much more time intensive than simple blogging.

Part 2 will focus on many issues.


Jason Brad Berry said...

Oh and also...please keep in mind that everything I am doing is pure sweat equity. So before you throw stones at me, try to understand I have no budget...if you would like to donate please feel free. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Your commentary about the lack of noise from the Landrieu administration is interesting, given the apparent magnitude of the crash at City Hall that occurred about 2 1/2 weeks ago. According to several employees I have spoken to, important data was lost there too, not just access to email. Some are speculating that both incidents were intentional.

whitmergate said...

posted on slabbed.wordpress.com:

whitmergate PERMALINK
December 14, 2010 6:42 pm

In my opinion, Jason has matriculated his Phd. in Journalism with this expose. His diagnostic methodology, coupling a written critique and visual documentation to discern the augmentation of this crisis is to be commended, and is proof positive “new media” has come of age; further evidence that the MSM is not only irrelevant when attempting to report such a story, but impotent when confronted with such a degree of political incompetency and/or corruption.

Kudos to THE American Zombie !

Clay said...


That's a link to the City Hall email crash mentioned by Anon above.

Suspicion that this might have been planned?

Jason Brad Berry said...

I"m well aware of the City Hall crash as well. I'm not ready to cry conspiracy when incompetence will suffice, but I agree it does smell a little fishy.

Anonymous said...


TEDxNOLA presentation by Matt Wisdom. Great explanation about the dysfunction of the City's IT and the crime cameras.

Anonymous said...

Well Clay, that' an interesting link (http://bit.ly/cityhallcrashemail).

A crash affecting just one server? Ok.

It says it affects network electronic documents, not just email.

It also says that it is at least partially responsible due to a virus.

A computer crash AND a virus???

Think about that. Not bloody likely that both would happen at the same time.

Considering people who have internal access codes (and maybe even people still on the inside) can you think of a better way to destroy data than by virus?

I notice this is not even ruled out in the Clerk of Court computer crash reports.