Wednesday, February 16, 2011


They don't even deserve the full's fucking Newsweek.  They've become even more redundant than...well....never mind.

America's Dying Cities

I'm actually going to lift my FB post on this one as I don't think much of anything Newsweek says deserves too much attention:

A dying magazine in a dying empire proclaims New Orleans the #1 dying city in America. A note to Newsweek...this city is no stranger to death, in fact we celebrate it. We were here before this country was born and we will be here after it's gone....and Newsweek probably won't be here by this time next year. 

That pretty much says it all.  Oh...and I'm not really sure I'm happy we're being called an American city.  I haven't felt too American since Katrina and I certainly don't feel like I'm dying.  

It's Mardi Gras season in my town....what's going on in your shitty suburb?  Coach Payton?


Leigh C. said...

On second thought, maybe I do feel like a zombie. Newsweek can still go screw itself sideways with a chainsaw, though.

Sandy Rosenthal said...

I am sure my thought is not original, but my personal feeling is that New Orleans is the most LIVING city on the planet.

nolajoe said...

bahahah! well said AZ... those suburanites wouldnt know living if it hit them in the head its...well, hit them in the head.

Anonymous said...

This site is original and a minority. 80% of the country agrees with Newsweek and 499 out of 500 Fortune 500 companies agree with them. This city will not turn around until people look at us as a good place to live not party.

Think about it, Baton Rouge has just as many Fortune 500 companies as we do (1).

I would like to hearfrom your bloggers thier ideas on getting businesses to move here and create new jobs.

Anonymous said...

Hey Zombie, for someone who believes this city is so great your blog sure focuses on all our negatives.

Between you and the media all that comes from you guys is the bad. And you wonder why people outside our boundaries do not want to live here.

You are diligent in your efforts but let's see some variety and publish some good news. At least as locals we can counter the national media and websites.

I travel allot and one thing I find in our city and not in others is we focus on too much negativity. Go to Dallas and everyone will tell you how great they are and how great thier city is, even though they might hate it there. Sometimes dirty laudry needs to stay in the laundry room and not be spread through the house if we are to make a good first impression.

Anonymous said...

Yea, well it is assholes like you who will keep this city dormant like it is. All you write for is to satisfy your hunger for negative information. Information that makes this city look like all we have is issues with nothing positive going on.

Keep it up! Don't ever knock the Times-Picayune, both of your material is crap. Really, all you do is grab their stories and add your blogging spin.

Anonymous said...

Man don't wear your feelings on your sleeves. Acutually I do read your blog and offered you a complement.

"You are diligent in your efforts but let's see some variety and publish some good news".

You get too defensive when someone disagrees with you. If I have missed a positive blog point me to the blog and I will retract my comment. Not asking you to change Newsweek but use your blog for some positive stories.

Do some digging on soemone(s) that have done some good and provide us (your readers) a good story. I am just tired of all the negative whether exposing a wrong doing or not. Nothing wrong with exposing truths but add some good spice and make your site a jambalaya of good and bad. Sorry about the asshole comment but you ticked me off on your fuck'em attitutude from the people on the outside looking in. Don't think people ouside of our city do not read your blog and caring about providing a positive twist now and then would not hurt.

Mantan Calaveras said...

Forgive. Usually focus being self, then being human, before I worry about being anything else.

You think you are so special? You get raw deal? Everyplace is special, everybody is suffering. Everywhere is under corruption. Welcome to planet. Special is commonplace, banal.

Sorry it sucks, but is still better than roman empire. ha Ha.

Jason Brad Berry said...

I'm not wearing my heart on my sleeve nor am I being defensive....I'm being dismissive. I'm dismissing your comments as hackneyed, misplaced, arrogant, and uninformed.

It's a very asshole-ish thing to do...much like telling me I should write about the shit you want me to write about...because you know what I should and shouldn't do with this blog.

If you go to a play and it's too dark and macabre for you, do you go up to the director and tell him he really needs to lighten it up? Do you tell a jazz musician he really needs to create a chorus and add vocals to his band? Do you tell an artist he should really start using brighter colors in his paintings? Is that the kind of person you are?

Not that I'm comparing myself to any of those art forms, I don't consider this art but I do consider it work. And the really great thing is that it's don't have to pay to read fact, you don't even have to read it.

So if I was any of those artists and you came up to me and told me how and what I should be doing to make my work more accommodating to your tastes, I would probably tell you to go fuck yourself. But I didn't even do that...I responded by telling you I don't give a shit how people in Dallas or Newsweek or anywhere else interpret my blog. And I really don't....I simply don't care.

I'm not writing for them, I'm writing for the people of my city, New Orleans. People, like me, who want to find out what the hell is really going on. If other people want to read it that's cool and if they think our city is more fucked up than theirs that's fine with me too.

The only thing I care about is shining a light on the bullshit which has crippled our city for decades with the intent of making things better.

If that pisses you off, I don't care about that either. Just don't read it, man...or start your own blog.

frog said...

Newsweek? Is it still in print?
I have always considered myself a patriotic American, but I have never thought of living anywhere in America but New Orleans, and New Orleans is not an American city.
Zombie, I like reading your blog and I like your moxie. As for nay-sayers who think you keep our little town dormant, well, you do call yourself 'Zombie'.

M Styborski said...

So, Anonymous' point is to let the corruption fester again… what a douche.

Sorry to piss on your cornflakes "anonymous", but I sleep better at night knowing there are people like AD out there shining the light on the cockroaches.

In the future, please refrain from calling yourself "anonymous" and just sign your name, Ray Nagin.

As for Newsweek, how the fuck are we dying faster than any other city when their own copy states: "So while the city’s population may be down from what it was in 2000, it is clearly on the rise going into the new decade." Population on the rise = dying city? Whatever.