Monday, February 14, 2011

Guidepost Solutions....

...they take a post and guide it right up your arse.

Being investigated by Guidepost Solutions and the GCCF? The media is listening…

Once again, Drake is on this story like stinky on dooky...and there's a lot of stinky:

Some claimants who have applied for the quick pay from the GCCF, an application the GCCF stated would be automatic for people who had received an EAP and would require no further review, have suddenly found their EAP’s under investigation for fraud.

You see the pattern?  This is exactly what I was worried about.  If your neighbor filed a claim, then you find out he is being investigated for fraud after filing the claim...what are you going to do?

Is there anyone out there who doubts that Feinberg is nothing more than a schill?  Anyone?

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