Saturday, March 26, 2011


Increases Pay For Claims Czar Ken Feinberg's Law Firm To $1.25 Million Per Month

I'd like to send out a heartfelt (or at least what's left of my heart) congratulations to Kenny Feinberg for his recent raise.  Heckuva job, Kenny!

Also, a big thanks to Pres. Obama for appointing such an amazing inde...( arbitrator to handle all our Gulf Coast claims.  Heckuva job Baracky!

Everybody's doing such a great job and it seems the whole problem has just pissadeared...I mean disappeared.

Let's all just have a big circle jerk and revel in the cleverness of us.

In the meantime I'm really trying to find out if Anglo-Suisse has a patent on that technology which turned 5 gallons of oil into multiple miles-long slicks from Mobile to Grand Isle.  Even if they have the oil patent, I'd like to find out if the technology is applicable to things like...I don't ink, maybe?  Just be careful may have too much of a good thing.


jeffrey said...

The Blue Heron is my favorite award since the Bernardo.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Nothing tops the Bernardo....nuthin.

Susan Hill said...

3.24.11 Oil and Gas Association gives environmental award to industry regulator (Scott Angelle)

"The Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association Thursday presented its 2011 Blue Heron environmental award to the secretary of the Louisiana agency that oversees some state regulations of association members."

“Chris John, the association’s president, said there is nothing inappropriate about giving an award to Scott Angelle, secretary of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources.”

“Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who handed out the award, said in a statement that ‘Scott has been a warrior for our people and our coast.’”

Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association

“Chris John, President, has been on board since September of 2007. Chris is a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Louisiana 7th Congressional District, where he served the industry well by sitting on the House Energy and Commerce Committee.”

Annual Meeting: March 23-25, 2011

921 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA. 70112

“We are excited about our great line-up of speakers for the 2011 annual meeting, including Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, American Petroleum Institute President Jack Gerard, President of Chevron North America Exploration and Production Co. Gary P. Luquette, Louisiana Department of Natural Resources Secretary Scott Angelle…”

New ethics law playing favorites

Written by: Leslie Turk
Monday, 07 July 2008

“The ethics ‘clean up’ legislation Gov. Bobby Jindal signed into law appears to play favorites with three legislators and their relatives, The Advocate reported today.”

“One provision allows Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association President Chris John to lobby the Louisiana Legislature despite that his father-in-law, Sen. Smith, is a lawmaker and a member of the Senate Natural Resources Committee — which oversees much of the energy industry’s activities. It’s a new privilege designed specifically for John’s situation. ”

“Senate President Joel Chaisson II, D-Destrehan, the sponsor of the ‘cleanup’ law, did not return two telephone messages. ”

“Not surprising, Jindal did not respond to The Advocate’s three requests for an interview. ”

Rules waived for three – Ethics law has exceptions

La. Gov. Jindal: No change to natural gas tax



"Gov. Bobby Jindal says there’s no chance that he would sign into law any change in a tax exemption affecting natural gas drilling in Louisiana’s shale formations."

"Under a 1994 law, the energy industry has been exempted from paying about $220 million in gas severance taxes from production in the Haynesville Shale of northwestern Louisiana."

"The exemption covers a technique in shale exploration known as horizontal drilling."

"After speaking to the Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Association in New Orleans on Thursday, Jindal says repealing or lowering the exemption would simply drive energy companies – and their jobs – to shale formations in other states."

Charities Like Jindal Foundation Offer Tie to Politicians
Wife’s Charity Offers Corporate Tie to a Governor

Jason Brad Berry said...

I woke myself up to read this, Susan. Can we talk about this in person?