Saturday, April 02, 2011

A Cry for Help

Which will most likely go unheeded.

Interview with Clayton Matherne 

A month later, Clayton can't work, he's lost his home, he's destitute and very, very sick.

He is one of hundreds, if not thousands, of people along the Gulf Coast experiencing health problems in the wake of the BP oil spill.  Dr. Michael Robichaux from Raceland is doing his best to treat people, most of whom have been turned away by local area hospitals as untreatable or undiagnosed.

Please get the message out....nothing has been "made right".  We're being lied to...but that shouldn't come as a surprise to the people of the Gulf Coast, now should it?


Anonymous said...

I am so fucking angry at people that say everything is fine on the Gulf coast. The MSM has done nothing to cover these people and their illnesses. I have seen a few short pieces on the local news but nothing near the coverage that is needed. I read that many of the cleanup workers from the 1989 Exxon spill have already died, many still waiting for their settlements. I have not been able to get accurate number from any site on the Net, but have seen numbers as high as 8,000 people. These are people who were directly connected to the cleanup. It is sickening to think of all the people here that were exposed to whatever the hell they sprayed. Some of the other problems may not start showing up for years. The bigger issue is that the Gulf Coast has declared the seafood and the water safe, I call BS on that. I realized the magnitude of the seafood industry and the amount of lost of income for the industry that would occur but they don’t even test for half the shit that will kill you. Benzene alone will give you cancer and I have no idea if these dipshits are even checking for that. Fox 8 interviewed the Seafood Industry spokesperson since he was upset at the data gathered by Wilma Subra, The Seafood guy said that the seafood is tested and that these toxins are always present AND were currently below the normal levels expected in gulf seafood. How the fuck can the levels be below the normal?
Here is the YouTube link to Dr. Wilma Subra review of her findings if you haven’t seen it.

Hopefully more people will stand up and get these people some help. It is sad that most of these people getting money may never live long enough to ever enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Of course things are not fine on the Gulf Coast.

Anonymous said...

What City does Matherne live in? It's possible that the Community may be able to help him and his family.