Sunday, April 03, 2011

Naming the Carpetbagging Promoter

New Orleans Kirsha Kaechele Projects is now mostly in ruin

Hence forth, I would propose that Kaechele's name be codified in the New Orleans' lexicon as a noun, "Con-Kirsha". We can use it as the official moniker to describe bullshit promoters (music, art, etc.) who come into the city to enterprise on disaster capitalism.

Example: "Oh man, you're talking about that dude from L.A. trying to put on that bullshit festival...he's just pullin' a Con-Kirsha."


Anonymous said...

Add it along with the word "Blakely"

Anonymous said...

The owner of the Safe House as well as Kaechele's partner in this whole project is John Orgon. Same guy from the previous 1614 Esplanade tree house and the present pot for art plan, which couldn't have been too difficult to figure out even without the city assessor's website.

Anonymous said...

She sound like she's done just one to many tabs, if you get my drift???

Anonymous said...

go to japan and get some cancer brah.

you can get a grant and call it art............

it sucks being down on your knees and having your hand out for help.

having no choice who helps you.

in my neighborhood after katrina all the people who came to help were well meaning but they were not from here.

they didnt get the fact that they were in a living breathing neighborhood.

we were on life support but we had history.

looking at pictures i took from that time i sort of get how someone not from here could think that it was a wasteland.

i had a red cross guy give me ice and an ice chest bitching about the blacks while he gave me an extra bag of ice because i was white. i still feel guilt for taking that extra bag of ice instead of kicking that dudes ass.

there was another red cross truck that came thru my hood to deliver lunch every day while we were with out power and fixing up our houses waiting for the power to come back on.

we were happy to have the help but we were stressed and that fucking van would allways park in the intersection and not move if you were in your car.

if you asked him to move he would yell at you .

the beacon of hope who sent really well meaning kids to me and my wifes house to help us turned out to be a total pain in the ass.

we had to take time off work to be home because they couldnt help us if no one was home.

most of them were kids with no skills but they were trying their hardest.

they wound up costing us more money babysitting them than if we just went to work and paid for the work that our insurance didnt pay for.

if these kids hadnt have been so cool and needy to help some one i would be bittter about this one.

every batch of kids who came to our house and were a total pain in the ass were so sincire that i just could not get mad at them.

then there were the sub contractors that picked up all the shit me and my neighbs put out.

these clowns were pissing on the side walks , throwing trash on the curb , and currsing like sailors in a whore house.

these were grown ass men.

i did go up to them and explain that they were in a neighborhood and they should respect the old folks and kids who were here.

some of them got it , some of them didnt.

in hindsight im just glad i kept my finger off the trigger of my 12 gauge pump thru all that shit.

it made me a better man and husband but lord it sucked at the time.

a.z. hope you get on a writting jag soon.

take care sir.

your fan , rick in gentilly.

Superdeformed said...

"her boyfriend, David Walsh, a professional gambler, art collector and businessman"

"Kaechele says she’ll be living in an apartment accessible through the museum’s mummy room."

How do you even get into that lifestyle? She must be a Super Villain!

Her wikipedia page is even more nutty.

"Her father was a retired RAND Corporation aerospace engineer and early practitioner of Rolfing, and mother, a painter"

Rolfing?! Seriously?

I'm glad someone updated the wiki citing the T-P article already.

Alison F. said...

@Superdeformed: "She must be a super-villain." Best comment yet on this whole mess.

Alison F. said...

@Superdeformed: "She must be a super-villain." Best comment yet on this whole mess.