Thursday, May 26, 2011


Blogger is going psychotic on me.  Does anyone know of  surefire way to archive the blog ASAP?


Clay said...

Go to settings, Export to XML, then upload somewhere else, like Wordpress?

Sop811 said...

Wordpress does have a built in 15 mb limit for import files . They also do not allow adevrtising on the blogs they host. You may need to self host (not with Godaddy though).

Anonymous said...

Use the free trial version of WebWhacker to archive to your HD.

Anonymous said...

Oh, my god!

Please do not let the archivesof this blog disappear!

I am willing to bet that Letten et al and others who are looking into corruption refer back to your archive.

I know I've checked back at old posts to refresh my memory about the Meffert and others clusterfuck.

Good luck, Zombie.

sam said...

Thanks Clay. I was worrying about that myself. Zombie, I tried it his way, setting up a new folder in Word. Totally basic. It did keep all the archives but without paragraph formatting and photos. Still, the words are there and that's what I was mostly concerned about.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dambala, if you can bear it, I have just one mroe question about Meffert & St. Pierre:

How did they originally, I mean at the very begnning, weasel their way in to the Nagin administration?

How did it start? Were St. Pierre and Meffert already in business together?

Did St. Pierre funnel money to Nagin from JP for the election?

Or was Meffert just hired as an IT guy after the election and then St. Pierre went after him?


jeffrey said...

Define "going psychotic"

Jason Brad Berry said...

Clay, thanks man...I am downloading now. Doug, I don't want to move the blog, I just want to make sure it's backed up. Blogger is going keeps re-posting "The Best Show in Town" and when I tried to make a post yesterday it stuck it 4 posts back, then it disappeared completely. It's just got me worried but at least I am backing it up to XML. I'm sure it's google cached in dire emergency. Thanks all for you help.

vincemacpaul said...

Sorry for your computer issues AZ. You do realize there is a US gov. effort to stymy free speech. You might have just gotten bit in the ass. St. P is looking at 10 years and Merf for his testimony??? plus all the other criminal spinners?? I'd let em all free if I could see the chocolate city master serve 6 months behind bars.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Holy shit now I can't even log into the account. WTF is going on with this thing?

Iwas There said...

Re:Meffert/St Pierre,
Meffert volunteered during the Nagin transition. When the transition team was writing the job description for the technology director, Meffert called to say that he was going to apply, because he had all of the qualifications.

St Pierre and Meffert knew each other from their days at Freeport McMoran. Meffert was hired by Nagin because everyone thought he was who he said he was which was New Orleans' version of Bill Gates. No one knew he was desperate for a job because he reminded people daily that he was taking a major pay cut to give his talents to the city. Noble.

Once in, Meffert tried to get several credible people to set up a tech company as a pass through to hire his friends from his former company (his own start up) No one bit, until St Pierre.

My opinion, Meffert put lots of pressure on St Pierre to give him money. After reviewing the Johnson controls contract in the Nagin Administration which was a great example of how to set up a pay out to politically connected people, no one realized that Greg was taking notes instead of being repulsed. He already had St Pierre contracted under an emergency contract that the Mayor signed at his urging, but I believe it was not really until the Johnson Controls issue surfaced that Meffert understood how to really fleece the government. I know St Pierre went along with this, but I will always believe that Meffert was the brains behind this. Not St Pierre. I don't think it was St Pierre's original idea. Greg wanted him or someone Greg knew to give his former employees a job at first, I believed initially it was because he knew their technical skills and could do things faster with "his team". Then his "team" was making more money than him. Since he "gave" them the contract, he deserved part of it too. It was always about the "juice".

Clay said...

The September 2006 letter Meffert, St. Pierre and Drake drafted suggests that Nagin could have been in the dark about all of it -- the boat, the credit card, the payoffs -- even two full months after a local blog, the American Zombie, first reported that Meffert had a vendor's credit card, that St. Pierre and his partners were the boat's true owners and that the Silicon Bayou had been serving as City Hall's free party headquarters.

Clay said...

Alright, I've been slowly going through the archives of AZ and a few questions:

1- Anything new come out about the break in relating to the mayor's records?

2- What's the status of the various civil suits? I think one of them one big and was going to give collection a try?

3- Are any of the NOLA Dell problems related to their national problems (it even has its own wiki page: )?

Really good work through all those years. There is so much in those archives. It's a shame they're so disorganized. Whatever you do, don't lose them.

Clay said...

Another quick note: Google cache gets flushed out pretty quickly. If you do resort to using that, remember you've got to act fast (a week? month? quick for such a large amount of data).

Clay said...

Oh yeah, you're also a master of making up language:


Anonymous said...

Get out of Blogger. Go to WordPress on your own site where you can have total control.

Anonymous said...

& Now:


A while back Dambala said something great about a box with four sides being closed around Nagin until he was totally in the box.

one side was Meffert.

Another side was Fradella.

Well, thereyago.

Lots of thieves in JP government though, really hope they go there thsi month.

frog said... is google, right? And their motto is "Do No Harm"; perhaps you have a hacker. Just thinking.

Clay said...

You ever get the temptation to drive through Park Island with "Another one bites the dust" at full blast?

Bowling pins are falling. Interesting note: he's indicted in Dallas.

Ricardo said...

Clay, I was thinking of the super glue incidents this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Oh, look, it's Randy Smith reprsenting Fradella.

About Dallas: "The indictment charges that in March 2006, Fradella directed two Home Solutions subsidiaries, one in Louisiana and the other based in Florida, to bill an unnamed Texas company for "standby and mobilization services."

"With his company soaring and raking in post-Katrina recovery work for the city of New Orleans, Fradella met at least nine times with Nagin in seven months of 2008. In responding to a public records request for Nagin's calendar, the mayor's office blacked out the meetings with Fradella, citing "executive privilege." But a judge forced them to produce the full, unedited record."

Hellllooo The Return Of The Emaelstrom.