Sunday, May 22, 2011


Thank all of you who kindly donated yesterday...and today.  And much thanks to my best bro, Jonathan Ferrara, for lending me his art gallery's cargo van to deliver the supplies to Epes.  And...tons of thanks to my friend Bill for co-piloting the mission.

In the interest of disclosure,  I received about $350 in donations...Wow!  And rock.  I thought it would take about $100 in gas...not.  It took about $250.  Remind me not to travel anywhere this summer, jeez man.

I may volunteer for another trip, so I will sit on the extra 100 bucks.  If any of you donation makers want to grab a drink and rap, let me know.

Remember, together we're heavy:

BTW, this concert was the closest thing I've ever experienced to the rapture....hope you guys had a good rapture day.



Erzuie said...
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Editilla~New Orleans Ladder said...

Hey, thanks again for making the trip!

Hungry Termite's got a thing on for Joplin, MO

These tornadoes are blowing my mind. Such little warning time. You can't run from them, there is no where to hide from them except maybe a storm cellar. And, increasingly, they leave a bombing run in their wake. Joplin looks like a massive air raid hit the place.

I'm so sorry for those people, and those in AL, and OKC, and those Scouts last year in AR, and...

Clay said...

You doing OK after today?