Tuesday, June 07, 2011

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Another cryptic comment for the Crypt:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "St. Pierre Trial Wrap Up, Part II: The Zen of Tur...":

Check out who has recently acted as a registered agent of Dell computers in Louisiana (recently as of February of this year.)My eyebrows sure shot up.

Any word on what company is the "Texas company" refered to in the insider trading case against Frank Fradella?

There is a lot more to come on that one.

DR Commercial lines "of Baton Rouge", "of Louisiana", etc. seems to be a little insurance company or set of companies run out of a house in Covington. There is a salvage business connected to these companies, too.

Their naming practice put me in mind of Home Solutions "of Louisiana", etc.

The house is owned by people familiar to this blog, and the little companies are theirs, too.

They have employment connections both to the city and to Frank Fradella and Aaron Bennett.

When you check the Secretary of State Database, their names do not appear in connection to these companies named for their initials and run out of their second home.

They are going to some trouble to make themselves hard to track.

Why? We wondered. After one of your recent posts, someone I know went back to look at the city contracts that are up on line, and darned if there weren't contracts awarded to this little salvage company. Shades of Victoria White, with city employees cashing in on city contracts through their little side businesses.

Can this be true?

I want to know more. I am hoping that as more of the Frank Fradella business comes to light, the role of the city employees who have connections to Fradella and Bennett will become clearer.

People who read this blog know a lot more about this than I do, and more than the people around me who dig through the record of city contracts when they are bored at work. Please spill the beans.

Katrina carpetbaggers deserve to be outed, tarred, feathered, and run out of town on a rail.

Those who held positions of public trust and who violated that trust, manipulating the system to profit from the destruction of the lives and livelihoods of their neighbors, are odious. 

The Texas company was identified by a second anon:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "St. Pierre Trial Wrap Up, Part II: The Zen of Tur...":
the texas company was a restoration company out of plano named RG america, i believe. they were later aquired by home solutions in order to facilitate a bank fraud scam. fradella was a small time hustler who was in the right place and the right time after katrina. fradella's goal was to inflate the price of his stock, he told anyone who would listen that he and nagin were big pals. 

DR Commercial Lines is interesting.  The company does indeed have multiple addresses around the state but I was able to trace at least one of the addresses back to two people:

James H. Runnels, Jr. and a Kelly Brooks White

So I'm not sure what exactly DR Commercial Lines (Insurance Company) has to do with city employment or a salvage company.  Is Veronica White related to a Kelly Brooks White?  I'm assuming anon mixed up the name Victoria with Veronica.   I don't know who D and R would be...unless they are initials of first names.

This comment leaves us with more mysteries than leads.

Any ideas fellow zombies? 


Anonymous said...

Actually what the guy is describing is more reminiscent of what went on Jefferson Parish with Coulon and Whitmer & the gang, with Lagniappe and their little host of companies that did have initials in them.

And supposedly that scam went back to the OLD days of New Orleans when the Burkes and Comiskeys were assesors. Now in JP it's the Connicks running things and the Burkes playing the assist.

Anonymous said...

There is this:


JBM said...

With commercial surplus lines insurance companies I would look for shenanigans with contractors. Suppose I bid and win a city contract.. Then after I have the contract I go to the contracting officials with documents showing my workers comp and liability and business interruption and other insurance costs are much higher than when I made the bid so my friends in city hall execute a few unpublicized change orders to pay me more. Do the city contracting officials verify that the insurance documents are really market rates or is there a scheme to create a paper trail to justify exceeding the bid award? No evidence that this is happening here but unregulated surplus insurance lines in an uncompetitive market are an invitation to fraud.

Anonymous said...

DR Commercial Lines has been arounf for some years it is owned by James Runnels and Kelly White is his girlfriend. DR used to be located on Central Ave. in Jefferson La. off of Airline Dr.they were a very small company ran only by Kelly her self. She one day said she could run the company by her self and just down size and she did just that.The house they run the company from is James's house.

Jason Brad Berry said...

So Ellis sold the house to Runnels? 3 Truett Drive in Covington?

Anonymous said...

Anyone interested in hearing about corruption on the north shore involving activities of a similar nature to Frank Fradella. Rather than bribe the NOLA Mayor, these guys bribe the politicos on the north shore using cars, houses, bank loans of a suspicious nature, fals front companies, etc, etc. A murder was recently committed involving the death of one of their partners.