Friday, June 10, 2011

oh boy....

Big things coming down the pipe...big...big...big.

St. Pierre was about da boat...da muthafuckin' boat.

What's coming is more about....well....

Apparently there may have been a stripper pole on board...and a camera.


Anonymous said...

The indictments are coming. The indictments are coming soon to a Federal Courthouse near us. The moral to the story is don't sext pictures of yourself to your ex-wife. Maybe I'm just an old fashioned woman but this is a sure fire recipe for the Feds to show those pictures as Exhibit #1 at the opening of the trial.

Anonymous said...

Bill Bixby.

Sandra Dee.

Peter Lawford.

That was probably a pretty good fantasy island.

Poor Herve.

Hey, Nagin lived on an island, is this a clue?

Jason Brad Berry said...

Ze plane...ze plane!!!

Anonymous said...

The plane. Oh yes, the plane.

Anonymous said...

Please more clues. Who has an ex wife in this scheme of things.

Anonymous said...

the plane was owned by brian marshall, ex home solutions exec. marshall is a wv hillbilly degenerate who made some fast money in tampa doing hurricane insurance work. he spent 10x the money comming in and when fradella bought his company fireline it was match meating powder keg. marshall is in a world of shit in tampa. one aspect underreported about the chicago trip was the 2 day detour to las vegas. that must have been a doozy. wonder how ray's bill was paid?

Anonymous said...

Maybe I am really dumb.

Why get married if you don't want to be faithful to a marriage vow? It is a spiritual commitment that no one forces on you these days.

Lots of normal people cohabit without marrying. It is fine to be single and promiscuous.

And why have a complex about your sexual orientation? Gay, straight, bi: meh, who gives a shit?

Be yourself in your normal life, and maybe you won't need a double life to let the pressure off.

If you want to hang out with strippers, there are spouses who will not take this as a heavy thing. Find one of those.

If your spouse isn't one of those, and you want to respect the relationship, that's the spiritual challenge you took on. You can always divorce if you really aren't a match anymore.

Do your thing, but once you've committed to someone, don't fuck them over.

If you need to get out of the commitment, do so in the most grown up way you can, making sure children are well taken care of, and as little damage is done as possible.

Why is this hard?

If your spouse isn't into you any more, maybe you've been making them feel like shit?

It is hard to be into someone who treats you badly... unless, of course, that is what you are into.

That is why certain websites exist, to link you up to your own particular kind. No shame in it.

The hypocricy and deception, and in this case, the political corruption are what pisses everyone off.

I don't think any one is really upset about the tits and ass. Am I wrong?

Anonymous said...

The story is that Bennett was taking pictures with his phone of him having sex with hookers and then SMSing those photos to his ex-wife. Stay classy Aaron