Sunday, June 19, 2011

On Father's day no less...

...I get hit with a barrage of emails filled with marching orders: "You need to organize your blog better"; "Where is the picture of (fill-in-the-blank) that I came here to see....put that back up!"; "Send my the posts you made about (fill-in-the-blank)."

How bout you guys can come to my front yard, juggle flaming machetes, gargle peanut butter and sing the Philippine national anthem in Tagalag.   Oh, and stick a broom up your butt and sweep my driveway while your at it.  Werd? can do me the favor of finding a home, a father maybe....or a mother....or both....for these two beautiful new additions to the world:

And actually I'll help you out on one matter...Sewell bailed early in the process.  He saw the writing on the wall and distanced himself from Fradella and Nagin....and....(fill in the blank).

I would imagine that lead is benign.


Anonymous said...

why would someone be concerned with sewell? the guy is somewhat shady but not a criminal like his old runnin podnuhs fradella, bennett and brian marshall. when fradella told sewell to cook the books sewell knew the jig was up. fradella cooked the books anyhow and will now do a long stretch. i am surprised in the wake of st. pierre that fradella has not pled. the HSOA stuff affected more people than people realize (shareholders, jilted contractors, ripped off banks, ripped of fannie mae, who knows what happened with nagin in las vegas).

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Father's Day! Thanks so much for all that you do -- and thanks to your family, for the time this takes away from them.

Anonymous said...

Benetech is masquerading itself through Callahan Inc. of Mass.

Callahan Inc ( uses the 915 S. White Street, New Orleans, LA address which is also the Benetech address.

504-365-1119 is the phone number Callahan used on the Julia Street Cruise Terminal Improvements Vol. 1 when they submitted bid as Planholder.

AND again uses same phone number & address as Benetech in Jan. of 2011. is the contact person for Callahan using the Benetech phone number.

Julia Street International Riverfront Center's Planholder uses the same address and contact person but changes the phone number to 504-962-0950.

The 504-365-1119 phone number is the same phone number that James Book uses at Benetech LLC in this proposed contract:

Again check out phone number, address, & company for #3 under original bidder list!!!!!!

Jason Brad Berry said...

Anon 1, that's why I pointed that out. Sewell bailed when he realized just how bad Fradella was. I'm not saying Sewell is an angel but he was smart enough to jump ship and swim to shore.

Anon 2, Thankee!

Anon 3, You get comment bump...coming up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Sewell got out.

Everyone who stayed in after Sewell got out had fair warning to check out his concerns and to do likewise.

No one who worked for Fradella post-Sewell is innocent.

After your blog raised the red flag, plenty of people here googled these businesses, and all manner of shit popped up.

If the lawyers and others who are involved with Fradella were even basically competant, they would have done the same sort of checking into their potential clients.

If they didn't check, and now plead ignorance, fuck them, they are stupid incompetants and no one needs them.

No one needs them as a lawyer (flushing your money would be better), and no one needs them on their charitable board, or in their Krewe.

If you are looking for the people who fucked over the city, look no further.

If they did check, and kept working for HSOA etc. anyway, or if they already knew, or if they twiddled their fucking thumbs or stuck their fingers in their ears and said la la la while Sewell raised his stink, they are dirty and bad.

If you see that someone has worked with both fradella and bennett, kick them in the shins for me, will you?

If this is you, faithful reader, newsflash: you are the bad guys.

Jason Brad Berry said...

yeah...Sewell's involvement is not for me to decide. I really don't know.

From my perspecitve the dude got spooked about what was going on and said "fuck this".

If I'm correct on that perception then kudos to Scott. Calling the ball in the middle of that situation is a big deal. When the world seems to be flowing your way and things are too good to be true...and you know they are too good to be's time to come back to reality.

I kind of feel like that's what SS did. Maybe I'm wrong and if I am please tell me.

Anonymous said...

sewell was not a good guy, he just got to a line he was unwilling to cross. fradella is a sociopathic criminal while sewell is hustler just trying to grind it out. sewell talked openly about the bogus SDVOSB tag that benetech had.