Friday, July 15, 2011

RIP Mr. Mosca

John Mosca, owner of the landmark restaurant bearing his name, dies at 86

Peace be with you an your family sir and thanks for all the great food.


Anonymous said...

Rather remarkable to have an article that long without the name "Marcello".

Hatye Jarboe said...

This is an odd area in which to post this (RIP Mr. Mosca - I love your barbecue shrimp!), but I was wondering if you are the author, Jason Berry. I stumbled across this blog while looking up "Render Unto Rome" info and, after reading some of it, was surprised at the difference in writing styles. So I thought I would just check and see if you were the same person. Thanks for the info.

Jason Brad Berry said...

Nope...not me. I know Jason though...great guy.